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Further updated: Cat among the pigeons

Matichon Sutsapda has an “interesting” story on a wedding in Hong Kong. It is likely to set the cat among the political pigeons just a couple of days prior to the junta’s election. Update 1: While social media has this story everywhere, the mainstream news outlets have been just a little more self-censorial. Even so, […]

Updated: Cynical recycling

We are sure readers recall when Thaksin Shinawatra was damned as a “populist.” And then there was Yingluck Shinawatra. When she campaigned in Thailand’s last completed election in 2011, she was also labeled a populist and was prosecuted for one of the policies she took to the electorate. Anti-populism has been a pillar of anti-Thaksinism. […]

Fallout from Ubolratana move

If Thaksin Shinawatra really did “mastermind” the nomination of former Princess Ubolratana as prime ministerial candidate for the Thai Raksa Chart Party, then it goes down as a major failure, equivalent, perhaps, to the great amnesty fiasco that Yingluck’s government briefly “masterminded.” Why anyone in the Thaksin camp thought this was a good idea is […]

Updated: More interesting and democratic than the junta

To date, in posting on the junta’s election, PPT has mainly been interested in the junta and its devil party, Palang Pracharath. Today, with news that on the first day of candidate registrations, “58 political parties submitted 5,831 candidates to contest for seats in all 350 constituencies…”. That’s a huge boost for real democrats in […]

Doubling down on double standards VIII

Like us, many readers will recall the hullabaloo and legal efforts that were associated with the undermining of Yingluck Shinawatra regime, much of it arguing that her government was illegitimate due to “populism.” For that matter, some may recall similar analysis, including by yellow-shirted academics, who howled about “policy corruption” as a form of vote-buying when […]

The election splurge II

Just days after shoveling taxpayer funds out to shore up its electoral appeal, and soon after the devil party more-or-less officially stated that The Dictator is their man for the premiership after the election, the junta has come up with even more electoral giveaways. This means that the de facto leader of the Palang Pracharath […]

Dull, lawless and Mafia-like

Readers will recall the dastardly Shinawatra plot to “buy votes” with 1-page paper calendars. This was an existential threat for the junta, despite the fact that it has poured trillions of baht into “buying votes” and completely dominates the political scene. While junta thugs admitted that these terribly threatening calendars were not illegal, according to […]