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Secret constitution amendments

Readers will recall that the military junta’s “constitution” was sent to a process it described as a “referendum.” Despite that exercise in (false) legitimacy, the junta then had to withdraw the draft constitution to make changes demanded by King Vajiralongkorn, said to increase his powers. During the amendment process, the exact changes were kept secret. […]

“Election” slipping IV

On the last day of 2016, PPT posted that there had been quite a few indications that the promised “election” would be delayed from 2017 to 2018. Then we observed that the military junta had an addition to repression and control, meaning that their authoritarian rule is likely to be extended for as long as […]

Chipping away at 1932

Several times since we began in 2009, PPT has marked the 1932 Revolution by reprinting the first announcement of the khana ratsadon or People’s Party. In recent years the anniversary of this event is barely noticed, buried by a the celebration of various historically insignificant royal anniversaries. While there has been a long-term effort to […]

Further updated: Royal meddling continues II

This post updates our earlier post on royal constitutional meddling. In the Bangkok Post, the king’s demands become “advice” and the report adds: Under the interim charter amendment bill proposed by the government, when the prime minister submits the new constitution for royal endorsement and if the King makes observations about any charter amendments within […]

Updated: Mud on the road to nowhere

The junta’s “election,” if ever permitted, is going to be a non-democratic public relations stunt. Thailand’s military junta will allow an “election” only when it knows it will get the result it wants. That means no Thaksin Shinawatra party can get close to power, not now, not ever. Various members of the junta and its […]

Putting things back in place

General Prem Tinsulanonda is now back as President of the Privy Council after being “temporary Regent” for a period. The Bangkok Post reports that the 96 year-old was reappointed by the new king in an announcement in the Royal Gazette. Aged judge and former rightist and royalist prime minister Thanin Kraivixien returns to being a […]

New king, same as the old king

At an “auspicious” time, well into the night, Thailand got its new king. Some will complain that our headline is misleading. Our point is that Thailand has a new monarch. The person and personality may be different, but the monarchy continues. But don’t be fooled, that change is unlikely to mean any change for what […]