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Maintaining the fairy tale

Along with the whitewashing of the new king’s notorious past, the fawning over the dead king continues. Much of this treacly nonsense is a simple repetition of decades of palace propaganda. Some of it is a deliberate set of manufactured stories that beggar belief for anyone who thinks. We guess some of it is constructed […]

The new privy council

It was widely expected that the new king would put his stamp on the Privy Council. He’s done that in very quick time. The Bangkok Post reports that the king has appointed an 11-member Privy Council. The new members are: “Gen Dapong Ratanasuwan, the current Education Minister; Gen Paiboon Koomchaya, currently the Justice Minister; and […]

Putting things back in place

General Prem Tinsulanonda is now back as President of the Privy Council after being “temporary Regent” for a period. The Bangkok Post reports that the 96 year-old was reappointed by the new king in an announcement in the Royal Gazette. Aged judge and former rightist and royalist prime minister Thanin Kraivixien returns to being a […]

On dictatorship

This from the Bangkok Post: Foreign media and observers continue to regard our present government as a “dictatorship.” They have ignored [the] Prime Minister[‘s] … explanation about the necessity for building a democratic society on a stage-by-stage basis. The Bangkok Post was supporting a dictatorial regime in an editor’s comment on a story from 25 […]

Making a cruel point

The 6 October 1976 massacre was one of the Thai military’s periodic interventions in politics that saw many citizens murdered and arrested. While the numbers killed total in the 40s for official counts, but perhaps 10 times this in reality. This massacre was particularly brutal, with civilians being raped, burned alive, lynched, dismembered and tortured. […]

Only anti-democrats

In occupying Thailand’s political space and institutions, the military junta recently extended its absolute control over Bangkok. The middle class must be pleased that the special benefit they were granted long ago by Prem Tinsulanonda’s military-backed regime, being trusted to elect their governor, is now gone. (Bangkok first elected a governor in 1975, but Thanin […]

All the king’s men

It may be seen as fitting that the men at the head of major institutions in Thailand are now all authoritarian loyalists of the deceased king. The youngest of the royalist trio is General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who seized government in a military coup in 2014. The Dictator made his career through acts of loyalty for […]