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2006 as royalist coup

It is 12 years since the military, wearing yellow tags, rolled its tanks into Bangkok to oust Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai Rak Thai Party government and to wind back the Thaksin revolution. Thaksin had a lot of faults and made many mistakes. His War on Drugs was a murderous unleashing of the thugs in the […]

Fear the people III

Quite some time ago, PPT posted a lot on the fear the military junta feels (for example here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Interestingly, the junta now confirms its fear of the people if they are unshackled. As Khaosod reports it: “The powers that be who’ve bottled expression and dissent for five […]

Shoveling money into the electorate

The military dictatorship’s electoral campaigning has hit high gear in a frenzied shoveling out of money “seemingly aimed at winning the hearts of voters at the grassroots.” That’s according to an account at The Nation. As it looks increasingly like the junta and The Dictator have the confidence to hold their rigged election, they are […]

The Dictator’s (s)election campaigning continues

As discussions, denials and promises about the military junta’s “election” have warmed up, so The Dictator extends his (s)”election” campaigning. The latest provincial campaign trip has it that the junta “is expected to try to appease the southern region by approving a 200 billion baht budget during mobile cabinet meetings in Ranong and Chumphon province[s]…”. […]

Reporting truth on AMLO and the rigged election

The Nation has some interesting comments on the events at AMLO. Policeman Romsit Viriyasan “was abruptly removed from his top post at the Anti-Money Laundering Organisation (AMLO) largely because he failed to expedite a number of long-delayed politically sensitive cases, especially since the general election is looming…”. The Dictator issued the transfer order under the […]

Updated: The Dictator goes full Thaksin

Yesterday we mentioned The Dictator saying something about traffic and privilege. It is reported that he’s been out “inspecting Bangkok’s traffic conditions…”. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha then “ordered officials to alleviate congestion in Bangkok and its outskirts within three months with the help of technology, water transport and new bus routes.” Pretending to be kingly, he […]

Free (no) and fair (no) “elections”

While we at PPT often appreciate the broader sentiments expressed, there are times when we wonder whether editorial writers have the memories of goldfish. An editorial at the Bangkok Post set us wondering again when it stated “[t]he three years of excuses for delaying a free and fair election have run out.”  Hey! Bangkok Post […]