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Analysis of recent events

PPT has refrained from mentioning much of what passes for analysis of the events of the past week. One reason for this is that most of it has been highly speculative and bound in rumor. Some self-styled analysts and quite a few academics have produced speculative accounts. Several managed to come up with different interpretations […]

Heroes and villains

The Supreme Court has finally upheld finally upheld the sentencing of six leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy to eight months in jail for actions during its occupation of Government House in 2008 may be seen as a late but appropriate judicial recognition of PAD’s illegal actions. Chamlong Srimuang, Sondhi Limthongkul, Pibhop Dhongchai, Somkiat […]

Updated: Doubling down on Thaksin II

Gen Prayudh Chan-ocha reckons his “roles as prime minister and the [Palang Pracharath] PPRP’s prime ministerial candidate are two different things…”. The trouble is he is unable to distinguish between the two and neither can anyone else. A good example is his continuing use of the media, The Dictator has “insisted he won’t end his […]

Fallout from Ubolratana move

If Thaksin Shinawatra really did “mastermind” the nomination of former Princess Ubolratana as prime ministerial candidate for the Thai Raksa Chart Party, then it goes down as a major failure, equivalent, perhaps, to the great amnesty fiasco that Yingluck’s government briefly “masterminded.” Why anyone in the Thaksin camp thought this was a good idea is […]

Dissolving a Thaksin-related party

Students remind us that the junta’s Palang Pracharath Party is meant to be under investigation by the Election Commission for its big bash banquet claimed to have raised shiploads of loot. The EC said that “investigation” would take weeks. A much faster “investigation” is promised for the Thaksin Shinawatra-linked Thai Raksa Chart Party. The Bangkok […]

Updated: Former princess no longer a candidate PM

The frenzy of media reports and social media analysis on Ubolratana’s nomination as prime ministerial candidate by the Thai Raksa Chart Party has to be re-done and all the speculation re-thought. No one for a moment imagined that the flaky Ubolratana would have nominated without her brother’s agreement. No one considered that the party would […]

Updated: More interesting and democratic than the junta

To date, in posting on the junta’s election, PPT has mainly been interested in the junta and its devil party, Palang Pracharath. Today, with news that on the first day of candidate registrations, “58 political parties submitted 5,831 candidates to contest for seats in all 350 constituencies…”. That’s a huge boost for real democrats in […]