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Lese majeste in 2018

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights have a useful analysis of the use of lese majeste in 2018. They begin with the background: Since late 2016, in the aftermath of the passing of King Rama IX and the accession of King Rama X, prosecutions of lèse majesté cases or the violation of the Penal Code’s Section […]

Academics in court III

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights report that the court in Chiang Mai has dismissed the ludicrous case against five academics, students and others who attended the International Conference on Thai Studies. That’s good news. The court’s dismissal stated that The Dictator’s recent Order No. 22/2561 meant that the charges brought against the five no longer […]

Academics in court II

As it turns out, the five academics and students we said had just spent five days being tried by the military junta, ended up in a truncated appearance. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights reports that hearings scheduled for 6-7 and 12-14 December were suspended on the 12th. These were witness hearings in the case of […]

Academics in court I

Five academics and students have just spent five days being tried by the military junta. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights reports that on 6-7 and 12-14 December, witness hearings were held in the case of those charged with violating The Dictator’s No. 3/2558 regarding the prohibition of political assembly of five or more persons. This […]

Republicanism rises again

Readers will recall the kerfuffle a little while ago over t-shirt, with some arrested, detained and maybe charged with making and distributing shirts claimed to be anti-monarchist and part of a republican movement. On Wednesday, according to social media reports and in Khaosod, “police briefly detained two men wearing T-shirts associated with a republican group […]

Unending lese majeste detention

Adilur Rahman Khan is the Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights or FIDH. He has recently stated: The detention and prosecution of Siraphop Kornaroot violate his fundamental rights to liberty, freedom of expression, and a fair trial – all rights guaranteed by international treaties to which Thailand is a state party. It is […]

Suppressing information on lese majeste trials

Our second post on information missed earlier is from Thai Lawyers for Human Rights and is about a Military Court’s direction to suppress publication of witness testimonies and court dockets in the case against lese majeste detainee Thanakorn: The Bangkok Military Court has conducted a hearing on a probable case against Anon Nampa, an attorney […]