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Framing lese majeste prisoners

The Bangkok Post has published an excellent article assessing the case of Surapak Puchaisaeng, accused of lese majeste in 2011, and kept in jail  for many months, without bail. He battled for four years to eventually prove his innocence, having the charges dismissed. With a degree in law and working as an IT specialist, Surapak was […]

Lese majeste acquittal confirmed

Surapak Puchaisaeng was a computer programmer when he was arrested on lese majeste and Computer-related Crime Act charges on 1 September 2011. He was aged 40 at the time. Police arrested him for allegedly insulting the king on a Facebook page. Our very long post on his case is important for Surapak is one of […]

“Good” news on one lese majeste case

There isn’t much really good news in the warped world of lese majeste. Police and prosecutors are spineless, courts are bizarre and often ignore law, and governments are conspiratorial in their implementation of this feudal and political law. Yet, the recent verdict by the Appeals Court rejecting an appeal against the dismissal of a case […]

Anti-112 allies

In this short post, PPT wants t draw attention to the Red Shirts blog and its post on “Thailand’s lèse majesté prisoners in and out of jail, …[and] the incredible group of friends and family members who support them.” In an excellent post, a couple of things stuck us. First, Somyos Prueksakasemsuk is quoted as […]

Letters from Sukunya Prueksakasemsuk II

In an earlier post, PPT drew attention to the first letter from Sukunya Prueksakasemsuk to her husband, the imprisoned lese majeste political prisoner Somyos. Somyos has been jailed for more than 18 months as he awaits a verdict on this political charge. The second letter has been released (in ไทย) and begins with comments about […]

Updated: FACT on continuing censorship

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand hasn’t posted since July, but is back with a long post on continuing internet censorship in Thailand. FACT claims that the Royal Thai Government now blocks more than 1,000,000 URLs. In January 2004, during the Thaksin Shinawatra administration, it was announced that 1,247 URLs were blocked. Following the 2006 military coup, […]

More on Surapak’s lese majeste acquittal

As PPT posted earlier, Surapak Puchaisaeng was acquitted on lese majeste and Computer-related Crime Act 2007 charges last Wednesday. Prachatai now has two stories worth reading on the case. The first is a translation of the court’s verdict. Amongst other things, this paragraph is stunning: The court has to take into account the credibility of […]