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Treasonous military

The military junta has charged countless persons with treason or sedition over the more than four years since it illegally seized power by way of the 2014 military coup. But when two pro-democracy and anti-junta activists filed a police complaint against new army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong for his statement in support of military coups […]

Reporting lese majeste

Two recent articles in The Nation reflect on lese majeste and both deserve some attention. The first story is a poignant account of Nattathida Meewangpla’s case and the personal impact it has had. Nattathida’s misery over a lese majeste charge cannot be separated from the fact that she is a “key witness in the 2010 […]

Sedition as the new lese majeste

According to the Bangkok Post, “[p]rosecutors have charged six pro-election activists who rallied on Ratchadamnoen Avenue in February with sedition.” The six were Sirawith Seritiwat, 25; Anon Nampa, 33; Chonthicha Jaengreo, 25; Sukrit Piansuwan, 24; Nattaa Mahattana, 39; and Karn Pongprapapan, 25. Under the junta, sedition now means ” violating an NCPO order banning political assembling […]

Anti-democracts, treason and bucket loads of double standards

Treason is in the news. There are a bunch of people, some seemingly held secretly and without legal representation, accused of treason for something to do with black shirts, anti-monarchism, republicanism and separatism. The junta declares them bad people, misguided people, dangerous and threatening to the heart and soul of the unitary state. But, as […]

Republicanism and those shirts III

More details are becoming available about the alleged republican movement that the junta says is not a threat to the monarchical state but claims it has been watching it for years. The Bangkok Post reported that police charged Wannapa, a woman taxi motorcyclist, “with illegal assembly and sedition for possession of T-shirts the government has […]

Republicanism and those shirts I

As one of the women arrested on unspecified charges for possession of black t-shirts was permitted to see her two children, more details of the arrests became available. Another woman, identified only as Surangkanang, who allegedly purchased a shirt was released. However, the woman still in custody, identified as Wannapa and aged 30, is accused of “distributing T-shirts […]

Prawet’s jail term ends

The cases associated with the Stolen History 6 and especially with human rights lawyer Prawet Praphanukul have been unusual, even by the standards of this military dictatorship. After having been charged with various “crimes,” including lese majeste, and fighting them in a brave and determined way, on 27 June 2018,  Prawet was found guilty of […]