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Analysis of recent events

PPT has refrained from mentioning much of what passes for analysis of the events of the past week. One reason for this is that most of it has been highly speculative and bound in rumor. Some self-styled analysts and quite a few academics have produced speculative accounts. Several managed to come up with different interpretations […]

Updated: More interesting and democratic than the junta

To date, in posting on the junta’s election, PPT has mainly been interested in the junta and its devil party, Palang Pracharath. Today, with news that on the first day of candidate registrations, “58 political parties submitted 5,831 candidates to contest for seats in all 350 constituencies…”. That’s a huge boost for real democrats in […]

Cynicism warranted

Thai surveying is not always very reliable. However, the enormous cynicism about the junta’s election that was displayed in a recent National Institute of Development Administration poll is warranted. In this survey, “more than 78% of participants believe vote-buying will be rampant.” The fact that a similar proportion stated that they are keen to vote […]

Ministers in tepid water

We are slow in posting on this story, partly because there wasn’t much media attention to it. However, Thai PBS and the Bangkok Post did mention it in a little more detail than other outlets. It noted that the Election Commission sent cases involving three serving junta cabinet members and a former minister to the […]

The junta‚Äôs campaign double standards

With rumors that a royal decree is due at any moment, parties are continuing to campaign and the military junta is continuing to cheat. The most recent example is the sudden withdrawal of permission for the Puea Thai Party to use a sports stadium for a campaign rally in Phayao. Out of the blue, the […]

Elections, winners

Still no news on an election date and no sign of a royal decree on the election. Meanwhile, there’s quite a lot of seemingly sudden recognition that the outcome is likely to less than optimal. The Bangkok Post reports that most politicians, including those from the junta’s devil party, are predicting an outcome that will […]

Election (probably) delayed III

The Bangkok Post states that this is the “timeline set out at a joint meeting between the National Council for Peace and Order and [some] political parties on Dec 7 last year”: Jan 2: Government announces royal decree for election to be held. Parties officially start campaigns. (This did not happen) Jan 4: EC [Election […]