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He who must be obeyed … not

With The Dictator now the de facto leader of the Palang Pracharath Party as well as being prime minister and head of the military junta, he must be obeyed. Or so he thought. As reported by both The Nation and the Bangkok Post, the Democrat Party and the Puea Thai Party have rejected the order […]

Boundaries managed III

The complaints about the Election Commission’s (re)drawing of electoral constituency boundaries continue: Political parties are angry about a redrawn electoral map of Thailand they say has been gerrymandered to boost the prospects of pro-junta parties. Both major political parties, Pheu Thai and Democrat, said the new constituency map revealed Thursday increases the fortunes of parties […]

Boundaries managed II

As a note to our previous post, where we wondered about complaints on boundaries, the Election Commission reports that it received 98 complaints it received across 33 provinces. Somehow we missed all of this amidst the other rigging going on. Sorry. The EC has now had its “revised” boundaries published. What’s been the reaction? If […]

Anti-democrat doziness

Soonruth Bunyamanee is editor of the Bangkok Post and he has an op-ed that is a commentary on the fact that an election ain’t changin’ nothin. Not for the junta. He seems somewhat surprised by this, complaining that the appearance of change for Thai politics is “in fact, just follow[ing] its familiar pattern of putting […]

Junta vs. Puea Thai

The Bangkok Post reports that “Monday is the last day that politicians can change camps if the poll is held on Feb 24 as planned. The law requires that they stay with the parties that field them for at least 90 days.” Because this is the military junta’s Thailand, no one is dead certain that […]

All about the EC

The Election Commission is on all front pages today in a series of stories responding to criticism and perceptions that the EC is doing the junta’s work. For a body that has dubious constitutional credibility and that is a puppet for the military dictatorship this criticism amounts to a proxy attack on the junta itself. […]

Junta shenanigans I

A Bangkok Post editorial chastises the military dictatorship for what it does best: limiting freedom of expression. In this case, the Post is concerned about the rigged election: Three months away from a possible election, the ban on political activities and basic freedoms is truly a mystery. There seems no logical reason to continue the […]