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On stealing the election XIV

It is not just PPT saying that the junta has stolen the 2019 election, aided and abetted by the Election Commission and other no-longer-independent agencies. Here the Bangkok Post and The Economist: The Bangkok Post has an editorial that calls the EC’s party-list allocation a “hijacking”: Whether it is driven by a political agenda or […]

On stealing the election XI

It was recently reported that Puea Thai candidate Surapol Kietchaiyakorn was issued the first-ever orange card by the Election Commission. He was accused of buying votes in Chiang Mai province’s Constituency 8 for making a donation of a clock and 2,000 baht to a senior monk on the day the electoral laws came into effect. […]

The “election” saga drags on

Now more than a month since the junta’s “election,” the efforts to rejig the result are so slow that “delay” is a word increasingly used. In this slow-motion election result, some recent decisions reveal the path being ever so slowly taken. The Constitutional Court has refused to hear the Election Commission’s petition on the calculation […]

Reactionary anti-democrats

Because the military regime’s five years of political manipulation seems to have been unsuccessful in convincing voters, anti-democrats are becoming panicked. Those anti-democrats who populate the elite are exasperated at having tried again and again since 2006 to turn Thailand on the royalist path to Thai-style democracy and failed.The junta’s “election” is just the latest […]

Election crisis

PPT recently posted on the resurrection of the notion of a “national government.” The interesting thing about this hackneyed nonsense was the admission that Thailand faced a political crisis. An opinion piece at The Nation is disparaging: Moves to engineer a pseudo-deadlock to justify ‘neutral’ rule ignore the will of voters…. A so-called national unity […]

On stealing the election V

Does the military junta want to crush Future Forward? You bet it does. And, even if it can’t do that, it wants to fan hatred and yellow-shirted partisanship so that even if the party managed to get into government with a coalition of Puea Thai and others, the movement to oust it would already be […]

Using “loyalty” against Future Forward

Readers will no doubt recall that, prior to the junta’s “election,” there were a blizzard of complaints to the Election Commission regarding the Future Forward Party. The allegations included claims that Future Forward was insufficiently royal or even anti-monarchy. At the time, we speculated that the junta’s polling, usually done by military agencies like ISOC, […]