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Recycling an imagined past

The nationalist trilogy, put together by a king and used and misused ever since, most usually by fascist military dictatorships, and ground into people from school to shopping center, is in the news. New king and a crackdown on unsound Buddhist bosses and the propaganda of the military dictatorship come together in a curious mix […]

The royal(ist) mess that is Thailand

The success of palace propaganda, reinforced by decades of fascist-military domination, promoted by a royalist lapdog media, both state and private sector, and buttressed by draconian laws and belligerent royalist agencies like the military and ISOC, has been so sweeping that there’s little overt opposition these days (we note the linked article is no longer […]

Art and the monarchy

Usually, when art and monarchy are linked in Thailand it is to heap false praise on the (now dead) King Bhumibol for his average painting or to regard Princess Sirindhorn’s childish scrawls and photos as great art. This time, however, we point to an article in Playboy on Harit Srikhao. The story begins: Thai army […]

Another royal money move

Reuters reports that “Thailand’s king now has a stake worth nearly $150 million in the country’s biggest industrial conglomerate, Siam Cement Group Pcl, according to stock exchange data, while his close aide is in line for a board seat.” As background, readers might recall that it was last October that it was reported that the […]

Two strange lese majeste acquittals

Prachatai reports that on 22 February 2018, “the Kamphaengphet Provincial Court ruled Atsadaphon and Noppharit (surnames withheld due to privacy concerns) not guilty of violating Article 112 of the Criminal Code, the lèse majesté law, citing weak evidence.” This unusual acquittal refers to a case that began on or about 20 August 2015, when the […]

Updated: Watching and waiting

On one watch front, the luxury front – the news is… well, no news. The Nation reports that National Anti-Corruption Commission President Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit declared that the NACC’s “secretary-general has not yet updated the corruption-fighting body about whether Deputy PM [Gen] Prawit Wongsuwan has submitted his third try at an explanation about his […]

Warping “law”

Reader will have noticed that PPT has had to use inverted commas for rather a lot of words used in Thailand where the meaning is not as it seems, This includes such seemingly important words as election when that “election” is manipulated for a particular outcome and justice where “justice” is actually injustice. We have […]