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More on elections and U.S. policy

Yesterday we mentioned Gen Joseph F Dunford, Jr, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Department of Defense and how delighted he said he was that Thailand’s military dictator was babbling about “democracy.” U.S. Ambassador Glyn Davies is now in on the act, but a little more nuanced in his approach. He is […]

Overthrowing royalist regimes

The 24th of June is an important day. On that day in 1932 the People’s Party (khana ratsadon) executed its well-planned Revolution. It was the first time that Thais overthrew royal power. It is an important day for those who have long struggled to establish parliamentary democracy in the country. It is also important for […]

Dealing with death

The military dictatorship has decided – or perhaps the king has decided – to kill three birds with one stone. Yes, puns are intended. In a brain wave that may be a brain fade, it is “encouraging Thai citizens to join in a merit-making ceremony in tribute to King Rama VIII and King Rama IX […]

Fear and unintended consequences II

Most of the breaking stories on the fate of the 1932 plaque are on social media, including the Facebook accounts of Andrew MacGregor Marshall and Somsak Jeamteerasakul. Another Facebook account worth following is that by Pravit Rojanaphruk, one of the bravest of local journalists. The mainstream media is publishing material but because it is now […]

CIA documents released and accessible

The automatic declassification provisions of US Executive Order 13526 (formerly EO 12958, as amended) require the declassification of non-exempt historically valuable records 25 years or older. At the CIA this meant that it maintains a program operating out of the CIA Declassification Center to review records under the purview of EO 13526 before they reach […]

Updated: On June 24 and the monarchy

June 24 is an important day. On that day in 1932 the People’s Party (khana ratsadon) executed its well-planned Revolution. It marks the overthrew absolutist royal power. This date used to be celebrated. In recent years, the event is barely noticed among the cacophony surrounding the celebration of various historically insignificant royal anniversaries. Of course, […]

It is personal

One of the striking elements of recent political conflicts has been the deep and highly personalized nature of the opposition to Thaksin Shinawatra. Indeed, many of those close to the palace, in the military junta and in the leadership of the various anti-democrat movements have expressed a deep personal hatred of the man. While this […]