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Nepotism, face and boredom

The Bangkok Post reports that the nephew of General Prayuth Chan-ocha and son of General Preecha Chan-ocha “has resigned from military service following criticism of nepotism over his appointment to an officer position…”. Readers might recall that (the briefly, but forever holding the title) Sub Lt Patipat Chan-ocha was appointed to the “3rd Army’s Civil […]

NACC bias

At PPT we have long observed that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is a tool of the ruling junta. Now it seems the Bangkok Post has also seen this politicization of a supposed “independent agency.” Noting that several of its cases “have now reached the judicial stage” and that it is “actively digging into more […]

Military and police corruption

Think of all those corruption cases that have been processed by the military dictatorship and those that have simply disappeared into silence and nothingness. On the one hand there are all those cases against members of the former government. On the other there is empty space. Unusual wealth is simply not an issue. Rajabhakti Park? […]

Secret meetings at the junta’s processing terminal

Readers may recall that four months ago it was reported that an iLaw study pointed to the apparently unconstitutionality of some members of the military junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly who were being paid large amounts of money for seldom appearing at the NLA. Immediately, the details of “leaves” taken were considered “secret.” At the […]

Fudged to save well-paid relatives and buddies

In an earlier post, we commented on the “clearing” of the seven puppet lawmakers who were “investigated” on allegations that they had failed to fulfill their required duties with the National Legislative Assembly. A report was said to be forthcoming that cleared the well-paid and senior friends of the junta. PPT concluded by stating: We […]

Non-voting, unconstitutional puppets “cleared”

Khaosod reports that the “[s]even [puppet] lawmakers who failed to fulfill their required duties will not lose their jobs…”. PPT has to say that this is exactly what we expected. The vice president of the military junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly, Peerasak Porjit, pre-empted a “review report” due Friday. He is said to have “[c]ontradict[ed] […]

Money for nothing II

In a post a little while ago, PPT had the story of puppet legislators missing in inaction at the National Legislative Assembly. We mentioned Prachatai’s report of an iLaw study of the apparently unconstitutionality of some members of the military junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly. We used the word “apparently” because the details of “leaves” […]