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Updated: Preparing for The Dictator’s European visit

The Dictator is happy as Larry that senior (elected) politicians in Western Europe are prepared to shake his hand. When his European visit was announced, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha’s motives were explained. The Dictator: wants to use his planned trip to Europe next month to raise his international profile as the junta inner circle has seen […]

Stop criticizing The Dictator

Readers will have noticed that PPT is having trouble keeping up with The Dictator’s antics and his junta’s political campaigning for an “election” that may be held at some time in the future and/or for puffing the junta’s collective chest. The junta gets away with a lot given its political repression and its control of […]

Updated: More junta campaigning

No electoral campaigning is allowed for Thailand’s political parties. But the junta can be on the campaign trail all it wants with all the resources of the state backing its “electioneering.” The Bangkok Post reports The Dictator led his junta/cabinet to the north today, “on another two-day trek to … Phichit and Nakhon Sawan.” The […]

The junta digs deeper

As we have said for a considerable time, the military dictatorship will never allow free and fair elections. The Dictator has confirmed this in a strong statement that shows it cares little about international attention – the West is fickle and distracted while China deals with anyone while, like the U.S. during the Cold War, […]

Updated: The satellite system squirm

Read the junta’s efforts to hose down the satellite deal controversy. The Dictator Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha is “trying to placate opponents of the multi-billion baht defence satellite project, saying many other elements must be considered before deciding whether it should get off the ground, including the budget and people’s consent.” People’s consent? Huh? The Dictator […]

Thaksin is still the opponent

Asia Times commentator Shawn Crispin writes about what is obvious to all but the military junta dare not express in words. His account is a bit too junta-esque in other ways. For example, he or perhaps an editor states: “Thailand’s politics are percolating again with legal clearance for democracy-restoring polls in February 2019. But will […]

The Dictator’s face

Spoofing The Dictator is a crime in Thailand. It is treated so seriously that an international manhunt has resulted in arrests. We have no idea whether Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, self-appointed president premier of Thailand, actually spat that those complaining about fuel prices should put water in their tanks. He might not have said it, but […]