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Political vandalism and the control of history

The political theft of the 1932 plaque has had unintended consequences. The thief-in-chief was seeking to remove a perceived threat to the new reign and the junta’s constitutional basis for authoritarianism. One unintended consequence has been to shine a light on 1932. The understanding of that time and the revolution that ended royal absolutism has […]

Updated: Who took the plaque?

Being on holidays and out of Bangkok for a few days, the social media frenzy surrounding the political vandalism of the People’s Party plaque has been a bit difficult to follow. This post is quite a bit out of the ordinary for PPT as we are getting into very heavy speculation with little to go […]

Feel the repression

The repressive military dictatorship continues to behave badly. It says it behaves badly because the people cannot be trusted. Well, that’s our interpretation of what they are saying, but that’s the message. And when they say these things, they also lie. Recall that the use of Article 44 has been carried over into the 2017 […]

Elections vs. the patronage system

The Puea Thai Party may think it has a chance of doing well in an election, even if it is the junta’s “election.” We have serious doubts that they could win another election under the junta’s rules. Even if they did, the junta’s constitution will stymie them as a government. In line with their faith […]

Nothing changed IV

Forget the constitution, it is Article 44 that still matters. The Bangkok Post reports that the day after the somewhat bizarre constitution-granting show, The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha announced the use of his dictatorial powers to allow him to make the “selection of new Constitutional Court judges and members of a committee linked to the […]

Nothing changed I

Long-time readers will know that PPT has little regard for what we can now call the 2017 constitution. Now that the junta’s charter is in place, what has changed? Nothing, it seems. The Nation reports on The Dictator’s broadcast on the charter: The premier [they mean The Dictator] stressed that although the new charter had […]

Updated: Moving from military dictatorship to military domination

The Bangkok Post quotes the junta and its minions in saying that a “general election will be held in November next year [2018] at the latest now that the date has been set for the promulgation of Thailand’s 20th constitution, according to the roadmap set by the National Council for Peace and Order[they mean military […]