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Amnesty International on systematic and arbitrary restrictions on human rights

Amnesty International has released its annual report on the state of the world’s human rights. It’s a 400 page PDF that makes for grim reading. The report had a launch in Thailand and there are reports at Khaosod and The Nation. Amnesty International Thailand Director Piyanut Kotsan is quoted in The Nation saying: “The situation […]

When the military is on top XIV

When the military is on top it makes stuff up that almost no one believes but the regime expects the population to accept, no matter how nonsensical the claim. In a recent report, Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda has claimed that “[a]bout a million people joined the ‘Thai Niyom’ program launched by junta chairman [Gen] […]

Feudal plaudits

Some time ago, PPT posted on the king’s ordering celebrations of winter that took on a feudal tone. That post mentioned that the public was encouraged to wear “traditional clothes” and 19th century fashions. We were not aware that there was a dress competition. Khaosod reports on that competition. It says that Culture minister Vira […]

Updated: Defining the junta by its double standards

One of the defining characteristics of this military regime has been its double standards. While the temporary cessation of the planned coal-fired power station in the south is good news for the environment and represents a victory of sorts for the local villagers and supporting activists, this outcome demonstrates the regime’s embedded double standards. The […]


As tensions rise, the military dictatorship appears to be unraveling while also threatening more dangerous responses. One part of the unraveling involves the junta’s cabinet. The Dictator has had to be hosing down unguarded (?) comments by Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin who criticized Thailand’s politicians and bureaucrats as lacking ethics. In particular, he singled out […]

Populism or politics?

As The Dictator continues his “election”-cum-extended-delays campaigning, he’s decided that he will mobilize thousands of officials to campaign for him. The Nation reports that “all provincial governors of the 76 provinces, chiefs of 878 districts, and high ranking officers of related agencies across the country gathered at the policy briefing conference at the Impact Exhibition […]


We read in the Bangkok Post that The Dictator has met with Gen Joseph F Dunford, Jr, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Department of Defense. We also read that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha told Gen Dunford that “the government [he means military junta] is sticking by its roadmap to the next election […]