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It’s getting darker II

Yesterday we posted on The Dictator’s demands that critics of the junta (and monarchy) be crushed through the use of laws like the computer crimes act. Our view is that the junta is becoming more confident in being more repressive. Certainly, opposition voices in Thailand are very quiet following almost four years of repression. Confirming […]

It’s getting darker I

The lights are dimming everywhere and Thailand’s lights have been starved of wattage for the years since the 2014 military coup. The Dictator is in charge of turning the lights off, and he looks like he’s going for candle power. The Bangkok Post reports that the military dictatorship has demanded that the Computer Crimes Act […]

Prayuth’s pants on fire

Children will often taunt, “liar, liar, pants on fire” when they are sure someone is lying. As we read the Bangkok Post reporting The Dictator’s spokesman we could hear this chant. In a story about The Dictator’s recent “six questions,” one the junta’s most seasoned liars, “spokesman” Lt. Gen. Sansern Kaewkamnerd said General Prayuth Chan-ocha […]

Every day will be Dictator Day

The Nation reports on The Dictator’s “weekly televised monologue on Friday,” and his claims about his six questions, described in the Bangkok Post as one question fro General Prayuth Chan-ocha: “Is everybody all right with my staying around as leader indefinitely to keep politicians in their proper place, by which I mean under our boots?” […]

Waking up to military dictatorship

Thailand has been a military dictatorship since May 2014. If The Dictator has his way, the military and the current junta will be in power, directly or through proxies and clones, for another 16 years. It needs to be recalled that this has happened before. Following the massacre of students at Thammasat University on 6 […]

The Dictator and his political plans

As we have long been saying, The Dictator has ambitious plans to remain in power for a very long time. Running a coup was one blunt strategy. Delaying the junta’s “elections” has been another. In recent days, we have heard about the possibility of a military political party and there’s been a lot of discussion […]

Never-ending military dictatorship

For some time, on all sides of politics, there’s been a view that “after the funeral” was going to be a time for more political action. Indeed, the military dictatorship had hinted at a possible loosening. But seriously, who could believe them? Judging by some headlines, apparently quite a few believed the junta’s (false) assurances. […]