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Further updated: Junta in disarray

If the information in a Bangkok Post story is to be believed, Thailand’s military dictatorship is in disarray. It may also be that its factions are coming apart. We certainly hope so, but acknowledge that the junta’s survival instincts have kept it together for three years. The first signal of disarray is that the usually […]

Updated: Bangkok bomb

Like everyone else, PPT has read news of the bombing in Bangkok, wondering about cause and motivations. We have nothing to add to the rather scanty reports. Yet, we note two things about the reporting. First, the police and military have not sprung to an immediate conclusion. Usually, the authorities are prone to quickly declare […]

ASEAN lawmakers on Thailand’s authoritarian path

We reproduce this in full from ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights: ASEAN lawmakers: Thailand moving in the wrong direction three years on from coup JAKARTA – Parliamentarians from across Southeast Asia warned today that Thailand is moving in the wrong direction three years after the country’s military overthrew the last democratically elected government. On the […]

Updated: Remembering and anti-remembering

The military junta tried to prevent all commemorations of deaths and injuries resulting from its murderous 2010 crackdown. The photos below are of Rajaprasong, where the military and police closed off public areas, fearful of commemorations. Despite this, there were small events, as shown here: Another commemoration was disrupted by official thugs. Update: Khaosod also […]

The junta, the temple, tycoons and Thaksin

The Bangkok Post has had a series of stories on Anant Asavabhokhin, one of Thailand’s richest, and his daughter Alisa, and allegations and charges related to alleged money laundering involving Wat Dhammakaya. Read this  first. Then these: Amlo freezes Alisa’s land assets, Anant faces money laundering charge and LH founder surprised by summons. Then  read […]

No remembering allowed I

The junta continues to try to censor and repress, several times going into royalist overload in its efforts. Part of its work is to effectively change history. Whether it wanted to or not, the theft and vandalism of the 1932 plaque caused the dictatorship to line up with their king in saying the past is […]

Unleashing barbarism

Prachatai reports that “[t]wo belligerent youths have entered Chulalongkorn University to look for Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal, a progressive student activist recently elected as the Student Council’s president of Chulalongkorn University.” On 8 May 2017, two thugs “rode a motorcycle onto the university’s campus in Bangkok and visited the Political Science Faculty to look for Netiwit.” These thugs […]