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Fighting for political space

According to a report at Prachatai, a court in Bangkok “has commenced a trial against initiated by democracy activists against the junta leader, the [Royal Thai] Army and the Royal Thai Police (RTP).” These activists have accused these thugs “of violating their rights during a crackdown on a gathering to commemorate the 2014 coup d’état.” […]

How’s that “election” shaping up?

General Prayuth Chan-ocha seems to think he knows the mind of King Vajiralongkorn. We say this because The Nation reports that The Dictator has again postponed discussion of an “election” by reference to the king. Prayuth declared that the timing for the next general “election” was for him to contemplate. He said the timing needed […]

A triple threat?

Academic Nicholas Farrelly, who runs New Mandala, has produced a report for Australia’s Lowy Institute, sometimes described as a “think tank.” Quite a lot of the Thailand commentary at Lowy has been bland and not particularly analytical, but Thailand’s Triple Threat (only three?) deserves a reading. The abstract is: King Vajiralongkorn’s elevation to the Chakri throne […]

The Dictator unThaied

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the man who appointed himself prime minister after running a military coup in 2014, has spent the last three years arranging puppet assemblies, puppet agencies, purging the bureaucracy and drafting and re-drafting a constitution, changed after a referendum that allowed no opposition. More, he’s allowed no opposition to anything much […]

Updated: Monarchy vs. 1932

For the royalist junta, 1932 is very scary. Perhaps because they are royalist or because the king is poking them. Perhaps both. Khaosod reports twice on Akechai Hongkangwarn. The last we heard of him was on 24 June, when he’d been apprehended by the royalist patrol dogs as he tried to install a mock-up of […]

Appointed premier? Don’t ask

Yesterday there was a bit of a media fuss about The Dictator needing to resign from the premiership he gave himself, with royal approval, if he was to stand in an election. This fuss was confusing because there’s no need for General Prayuth Chan-ocha to stand for election in order to be prime minister after […]

Conspiratorial musings

Shawn Crispin at the Asia Times has a view that everything that happens in Thailand is a conspiracy. When he reports on Thailand’s politics, it is almost never from an on-the-record source. But he always cobbles together an interesting story of conspiratorial maneuvers. We don’t reject conspiracies as an explanation. Indeed, our limited experience of […]