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No criticism of the emperor-dictator permitted

Quite late in the piece, the junta lifted laws on public assembly and political commentary for its “election.” Yet this counts for nothing, with the junta continuing to harass and repress. A few days ago, the Bangkok Post reported that police had “arrested five people who showed up at Government House to call for the […]

With 3 updates: Regime fails

In the last few days there have been several events and announcements that point to failures by the military junta. They are among many regime failures since 2014. First, the regime has failed on corruption. Of course, it came to power, like several past military regimes, to end corruption. As in the past, as now, […]

Human rights gone

The record on human rights under the military dictatorship has been worse than abysmal. Both accredited refugees and those seeking refuge have been “disappeared” or have been returned to the countries they fled. In most cases, it seems likely that deals have been done between the dictatorship in Thailand and dictatorial regimes in Laos, Cambodia, […]

A decade of PPT

A decade has passed for Political Prisoners in Thailand. We admit our huge disappointment that we are still active after all these years. By this, we mean that PPT should have gone the way of the dinosaurs, being unnecessary as Thailand’s political prisoners, its military dictatorship and political repression would have been a thing of […]

Waiting for the royal decree, repressing and cheating

The guessing game about the missing royal decree and the election date continues. Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam has joined in, slapping the Election Commission back in its place, proclaiming that “March 24 would be the most suitable poll date compared to other potential dates such as March 3, 10, and 17. The earlier dates […]

More charges dropped

On Wednesday, the Bangkok Military Court “dismissed the case against 19 leading red-shirt members charged defying the ban on political gatherings in organising the launch of a centre to monitor the 2016 charter referendum.” Like the recent case against academics and others in Chiang Mai, the court’s decision follows the junta’s “revocation of its order prohibiting […]

The nonsensical notion of a free and fair election

We hope that the junta and its devil parties get smashed in the upcoming “election.” At the moment, we don’t think this outcome is very likely because of the huge manipulation and cheating that has gone on under the military dictatorship, which has expended truckloads of money, unbounded repression and a filing cabinet of laws […]