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AI on academic harassment

Readers might have imagined that the profoundly ludicrous charges against academics and students from Chiang Mai University may have slipped away into nothingness. However, the military junta seems intent on harassing these persons with a view to silencing other academics and deadening academic discussion within Thailand. So the ridiculousness continues. The last we remember of […]

When the military is on top XXII

When the military is on top it sets the rules for politics and seeks to ensure it wins its “election” whenever it decides to hold them. Of course, that decision on elections means having all of its political repression and political pieces in place. Those processes have taken more than four years (and counting). The […]

“Elections” matter for the junta and its supporters

Readers will be interested in a new op-ed by Pavin Chachavalpongpun. As the article is long and also likely to be able to be read in Thailand, we just highlight a couple of points. Drawing on an observation by Italian Communist and Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci, Pavin observes that “[t]hese are the days when an […]

HRW on The Dictator’s European holiday

Reproduced in full from Human Rights Watch: UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron should press Thailand’s junta leader to respect human rights and ensure a rapid transition to democratic civilian rule, Human Rights Watch said today. Prime Minister Gen. Prayut[h] Chan-ocha is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister May on June […]

Stop criticizing The Dictator

Readers will have noticed that PPT is having trouble keeping up with The Dictator’s antics and his junta’s political campaigning for an “election” that may be held at some time in the future and/or for puffing the junta’s collective chest. The junta gets away with a lot given its political repression and its control of […]

Catholic Church wants an election

In a report that caught PPT by surprise, the Catholic Church in Thailand has called for an election (see here for an addition to the story). It is reported that “… people no longer believe in announcements [by the junta], given the continuous postponements of the military junta in power [on elections.” It goes on […]

Lese majeste as culture wars

The news that the military junta has defended the lese majeste and computer crimes laws is no news at all. However, a series of letters that Khaosod came upon between Ambassador Sek Wannamethee, Thailand’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva and United Nations officials reinforces the junta’s claims – and by some earlier […]