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Constitution to be revealed

All media have dutifully reported that the king, who we guess is back from Germany or will be soon, will “formally enact the new constitution on Thursday, which also marks the anniversary of his dynasty’s reign over Thailand.” That seems entirely appropriate in the sense that the regime came to power following a military coup […]

Royalist “constitutionalism”

As PPT has posted before, there is support for the anti-democratic movement from various scholars connected to royalists and Thailand’s right since the days of the CIA’s involvement in the U.S.’s support for anti-communist and authoritarian regimes fronted by the military. The royalists have regularly wheeled out the relatively unknown American Stephen B. Young to […]

Updated: Surin lost on corruption

PPT affirms, with longtime Democrat Party senior and Democrat Party-founded, funded and backed chair of the Future Innovation Thailand Institute Surin Pitsuwan, that corruption is a terrible problem for Thailand. In virtually all newspapers, Surin is reported as warning that corruption “has reached crisis point and must be tackled with urgency.” But that hardly seems […]

Mad monarchists lodge lese majeste complaint

A report at Khaosod shows once more how bizarre the lese majeste law is in Thailand. An ultra-royalist group – The Royal Monarch Alert Protection Network (RMAPN) – has filed lese majeste complaints. Nothing new so fare, but it is the reason that beggars belief. The allegations are made: against a student activist group for […]

On the Phibun threat (1957)

Andrew MacGregor Marshall has another useful posting including archival material from 1957 at Zen Journalist. In another post we referred to material that showed clear palace involvement in the 1957 coup planning. In this we refer to a document that has the young king explaining his position on Prime Minister Phibun, who had been overthrown […]

Pridi, Thaksin and the royalists: Prawase confused

Whenever political tensions rise, senior citizen Prawase Wasi is usually moved to offer “fatherly advice.” At The Nation, not for the first time, he offers advice to Thaksin Shinawatra, most of it following Prawase’s long-held views on decentralization. It is his comments on the return of Thaksin to Thailand that caught our eye. Prawase reportedly […]