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More secret king’s business II

In a post yesterday we mentioned the secret changes made to  royal agencies. The reports that we had seen suggested a “re-organization,” and we wondered what was so nefarious that the changes were made surreptitiously. A report at Reuters now explains the secret business a little more. It seems the reason for the secrecy is […]

Getting headlines wrong

Brief corrections to two stories in the media that mislead, both noted by PPT readers. First, at Prachatai, there’s a report headlined “Junta blocks Youtube channel of exiled Thai journalist.” This is a story that reports the censorship of a YouTube channel run by exiled journalist Jom Petpradab called Jom Voice. He makes his program […]

More secret king’s business I

In case you missed it, the junta had the puppet National Legislative Assembly (NLA) meet in secret on 20 April to enact a “new bill … to reorganise the six agencies serving the Crown…”. The puppet lawmakers naturally “approved in-camera the royal administration bill which the Cabinet had added to the meeting agenda.” We can […]

Observing the puppets

Since the military dictatorship established its National Legislative Assembly of the Unusually Rich and Other Puppets, we have been critical of it. “Critical” is probably the wrong word for we have been dismissive of it. It is not “national” in that it is unrepresentative. Indeed, if it needs emphasis, it is unelected. Worse, it is […]

On 5 years

A juxtaposition of stories about “justice” in Thailand: It is 5 years since the scion of one of the country’s richest families drove his expensive sports car over a policeman and drove off, dragging his body under the car, to a hiding place in his family’s mansion. The Office of the Attorney-General on Thursday again […]

Updated: More corruption allegations

While there is no news to report regarding Rolls Royce and other related corruption cases, there are more allegations of corruption facing the junta. These are not charges of fabricating plots and murders, but about state action and inaction. The first story is about wealthy minor prince and former junta minion (two juntas, in fact, […]

Updated: Thailand’s culture of torture

A day or so ago, the Bangkok Post reported on the military dictatorship’s puppet National Legislative Assembly having “dropped legislation to criminalise torture and disappearances after years of working on the bill…”. The United Nations Human Rights Office and NGOs reported on this. Because Thailand has long been dominated by the military, torture is not […]