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Updated: Another excuse for delaying the junta’s election?

Can the junta have its “election” without a new Election Commission? We are not sure what the answer is, but we were staggered by the report in Prachatai that: On 22 February 2018, the junta’s National Legislative Assembly voted to reject the seven candidates for new Election Commission of Thailand (ECT). A candidate must receive […]

Election (and) time and “deadlines”

The general election will take place after all election-related laws are promulgated. That’s the word from The Dictator. But don’t ask him when that will be. Unbelievably, not least because the laws are all being considered by handpicked junta hacks and cronies, General Prayuth Chan-ocha is now coy on a date. Are we the only […]

Lies and elections

A junta spokesman has declared that his bosses are “confident the international community will understand the reason behind the postponement of a national election.” Deputy Government Spokesperson Lt Gen Werachon Sukondhapatipak explained that the junta’s minions are “informing the world community of a possible delay in holding the next election…”. They won’t be telling the […]

Its 2019, maybe

The junta’s “election” is likely to be held by February 2019 as the puppet National Legislative Assembly continues to dawdle on necessary laws. The puppets “voted 196 to 12 to pass the draft organic bill with 14 abstentions” to the delaying proposal by an NLA panel which vetted the organic bill on the election of […]

When the military is on top XIII

There’s been considerable elation in the mainstream media and attention to a promised “election” in November. We did not join that boostering, believing that the junta will seek ways to extend its absolute power and this means delaying an election until it is forced to hold one or it decides the time is right and […]

By and for the junta: arranging elections and law

As well as the military dictatorship’s election stitch-up gathers pace, the junta is also stitching up the legal system. On elections, the Bangkok Post reports that the puppet National Legislative Assembly is sitting, waiting and breathing heavily awaiting the junta’s decision on how it will fix local elections. It is the junta that comes up […]

Election ≠ democracy

Bangkok Post editor Umesh Pandey thinks the military junta is likely to allow its “election” to take place in November 2018. Certainly, the junta and The Dictator are campaigning hard. Umesh also sees the EU capitulation to the military dictatorship as evidence that an “election” just might be held. But issues remain. For one thing, […]