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Rigging the future

The military dictatorship is not just seeking to rig its “election” but also Thailand’s political future. One major element of this latter rigging is the illegitimate constitution and associated laws and agencies. Another element is the so-called strategic plan that is a political straightjacket for any future government for two decades. The junta-appointed assembly has […]

“Election” news

There’s much in the news about the military junta’s “election” campaigning. Just in the Bangkok Post we found four stories of the junta on the campaign trail. The first Bangkok Post story reports that instead of dealing with political parties as it said it would, The Dictator’s legal whipping boy Wissanu Krea-ngam – he always […]

Not criticizing The Dictator

The puppet National Legislative Assembly has worked hard for the military junta. Passing laws, delaying laws, speaking the junta’s language and being loyally anti-democratic. So deeply committed to their junta employers is this hotch-potch of lazy generals, rewarded anti-democrats and automatons that, as Khaosod reports, “[m]ore than three quarters of [all] the bills made into […]

Don’t criticize The Dictator (for 20 years)

Khaosod reports that the junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly “will decide Thursday whether future civilian leaders should face criminal prosecution for not following plans left in place by the military government for the next 20 years.” Some of the NLA marionettes believe “there is a need to make sure future governments stick to the yet […]

Local elections “this year”?

After essentially telling the nation that the military junta’s “election” was off the much-touted “road map,”  the Bangkok Post reports that an unnamed source says the junta was “preparing to hold local elections this year as it wants to ‘test the waters’ ahead of the national election expected next February…”. We have doubts about this […]

Snoozing snaps beget screams for media “reform”

We are late getting to the story of sleeping puppets at the National Legislative Assembly. In truth, photos of snoozing members of parliament in Thailand and elsewhere is not all that remarkable. But the response of one junta-appointed legislator is worthy of attention for its raucous defense of fellow puppets in the face of criticism. […]

Money, money, money

The military junta has proposed a deficit budget bill to its puppet parliament., with 3-trillion-baht spending earmarked for the next fiscal year that begins in October. The sleepy National Legislative Assembly didn’t need to be awake for it was always going to vote for the junta’s budget bill. The Bangkok Post produced this handy table: […]