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World’s richest royal families

The recent wedding in England of a British royal with an American entertainment industry woman caused some sober newspapers to consider aspects of monarchy, constitutional monarchy and royal wealth. Business Report published a list of the five richest royal families, which is somewhat different from the usual Forbes list. Its list had Thailand’s royal family […]

Weird and freaky I

That’s a title clipped from an article about Harit Srikhao’s art work. We have posted on him before. His art reflects his discovery “that his life was built on the lies of state propaganda. Returning to temples, museums and schools, he quickly learnt that everything he was taught growing up pushed Thai nationalism, and heralded […]

Celebrity and the face of the monarchy

Thailand’s monarchy, politically powerful and hugely wealthy, is composed of an odd bunch of royals. They are nothing if not a visual spectacle of strangeness and some seem to delight is somewhat strange behavior.   Some of them seem to crave a celebrity status comparable with the worst of public celebrities elsewhere. We at PPT are […]

Dictatorship and royalty

The military dictatorship has proven itself to have the right attitudes and ideology for dealing with other authoritarian regimes, especially the party dictatorships of China and Laos and the Hun Sen regime in Cambodia. Most especially, Thailand’s military regime has felt most comfortable in dealing with military leaders in those countries. It has had some […]

Dress up monarchy

Under the military dictatorship it has been a quick march backwards. This seems to suit the monarch, King Vajiralongkorn, who also seems focused on the past. In recent months, in addition to the changes made to the constitution to empower the king to levels not seen since 1932, the king has promoted dress-up days and […]

Protecting itself

The military dictatorship has been consistent in protecting itself and its bosses, almost as assiduously as it does the monarchy. As “more than a hundred people have been charged in the past two months for exercising their right to freedom of expression by calling for an election to be held this year after almost four […]

Updated: An old lese majeste case

As we read stuff about Thailand’s political past we sometimes come across little stories that throw some light on more recent events. In reading about the period around the time of the two coups engineered by Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, we came upon this translation of a story from Khao Phap, on a lese majeste […]