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It’s getting darker I

The lights are dimming everywhere and Thailand’s lights have been starved of wattage for the years since the 2014 military coup. The Dictator is in charge of turning the lights off, and he looks like he’s going for candle power. The Bangkok Post reports that the military dictatorship has demanded that the Computer Crimes Act […]

Burning arches lese majeste “guilty” pleas

About a week ago we posted on the sentencing of two men, held in jail until they pleaded guilty, for allegedly torching dead king arches in Khon Kaen province. They were said to be two among eight suspects and a 14-year-old who are accused of being involved in the burning. Prachatai reports that “[f]ive teenagers […]

Updated: Making monarchy

Sport360.com is not usually the subject of a post at PPT. Yet we felt there’s one point in an article about a middle-ranked Thai golfer that reflects something being seen more broadly in Thailand. Readers will recall the widespread criticism of now King Vajiralongkorn as his father declined and his succession became a reality. There […]

Burning arches lese majeste sentences

Prachatai reports that on 15 November 2017 the Provincial Court of Phon District in Khon Kaen “sentenced Noopin, 64, and Chatchai, 25, (surname withheld due to privacy concerns) to five years imprisonment,” on lese majeste charges. The two were also charged with “criminal association, and destruction of public property for attempted to burn an arch […]

Assessing the king after the funeral

In an article we should have commented on earlier, authors at Foreign Policy look at the monarchy’s future. Like many of the accounts following the dead king’s funeral, there’s a ridiculous glorification of the deceased king in order to show the new king in a poor light. This devise is unnecessary and devoid of any […]

A party for Prayuth II

It was only a couple of days ago that the Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan was saying there was no need yet for a military political party. It seems that was a statement designed to actually announce that a military party was in the works. This Prawit non-announcement seems to have been motivated by, as […]

Loyalist fear

As mentioned in an earlier post, we at PPT expected that “investigations” into “problems” associated with the funeral for the dead king would be completed in double (standards) time. The Bangkok Post reported that “[t]wo provincial governors accused of mishandling funeral flower-laying ceremonies for the late King have been transferred to inactive posts at the […]