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Prayuth’s yellow partnership

As usual, The Dictator takes every advantage of the palace. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, campaigning for his continued premiership in the northeast “called for unity, saying people had to come together and embrace their Thai identities.” He said: “There are good and bad people in every place, but we can’t divide into factions now because we […]

The junta’s lock

The military dictatorship has now had more than four years to lock-in its rule and its rules. In establishing control over the military, it has had longer. Around the time of the 2006 military coup, royalist elements in the military, aligned with the palace directly or through privy councilors Gen Prem Tinsulanonda and Gen Surayud […]

Making royal propaganda from the cave II

While PPT refrained from commentary on the remarkably uplifting cave rescue, we have said a few things about its use for palace propaganda purposes (here, here and here). Our point has been to point out that the kind of royal propaganda is nothing new, but that this is an opportunity for the palace to boost […]

An interfering monarchy II

Just over a week ago PPT commented on the cave rescue and the king’s self-selected role. We noted that the king had ordered – a “royal order” – that “cave search-and-rescue training will be introduced to the curriculum of all branches of the armed forces…”. That was announced by The Dictator. The report cited went […]

AI on academic harassment

Readers might have imagined that the profoundly ludicrous charges against academics and students from Chiang Mai University may have slipped away into nothingness. However, the military junta seems intent on harassing these persons with a view to silencing other academics and deadening academic discussion within Thailand. So the ridiculousness continues. The last we remember of […]

Updated: An interfering monarchy I

One of the characteristics of the last reign was for the palace propaganda machine to claim a royal interest in events that elicited public sympathy. The idea was to present the king as a monarch who cared for his subjects. As his reign developed and as his public persona was accepted more widely a a […]

“Elections” matter for the junta and its supporters

Readers will be interested in a new op-ed by Pavin Chachavalpongpun. As the article is long and also likely to be able to be read in Thailand, we just highlight a couple of points. Drawing on an observation by Italian Communist and Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci, Pavin observes that “[t]hese are the days when an […]