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Two strange lese majeste acquittals

Prachatai reports that on 22 February 2018, “the Kamphaengphet Provincial Court ruled Atsadaphon and Noppharit (surnames withheld due to privacy concerns) not guilty of violating Article 112 of the Criminal Code, the lèse majesté law, citing weak evidence.” This unusual acquittal refers to a case that began on or about 20 August 2015, when the […]

Lese majeste catch-ups

Natthika Worathaiwit was one of The Facebook 8 who were arrested by the military dictatorship because of a satirical Facebook community page that poked fun at The Dictator. They were charged with sedition and computer crimes on 28 April 2016. Tow of them, Harit Mahaton and Natthika were charged with lese majeste. Initially all were […]

Lese majeste repression

The Bangkok Post has an editorial on lese majeste, calling for the “misuse and abuse” of the law be ended. Essentially, the editorial calls for the law to be rewritten, citing both Sulak Sivaraksa (one of the few to get off) and Nitirat. That’s about as brave as it gets in Thailand these days. Calling […]

Piling on lese majeste cases

Usually the military dictatorship just piles up lese majeste cases at a rate of one to two a week since 2014. However, in the case of singer and red-shirt Tom Dundee (Thanat Thanawatcharanon), the regime is piling case up against him. The 60 year old activist is already in jail for more than 10 years […]

A ditch question

A few days ago PPT posted a note on the long-proposed Kra Canal. We said the story at the little-known web-based The Independent in Singapore was weird. We said this because the source for its story, “‘Very erratic’ new Thai King may pave the way for Kra canal leading to Singapore’s doom” is the right-wing […]

Ultra-royalism means ultra-stupidity

The ultra-royalism that has infected Thailand since about the time of the 2006 coup has resulted in bizarre lese majeste cases and equally outlandish behavior by royalists as they manage their “loyalty.” The latest royalist peculiarity involves Chanthaburi governor Withurat Srinam who has offered his resignation for his misuse of a “royal” word. The governor […]

Using the monarchy for repression

We saw it on social media yesterday, but wanted to wait for the news report before posting, thinking that a new junta legal manipulation might have been a hoax as it is so bizarre. Khaosod reports that the military dictatorship has had 39 pro-democracy activists charged with “protesting too close to royal property.” The report […]