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When the military is on top XIX

Many readers will have already seen a Prachatai story regarding the Ministry of Culture’s Fine Arts Department history textbook “History of the Thai Nation,” said to have been published in 2015. According to the report, the military junta “asked the department to write the book with the goal of fostering ‘national reconciliation’ and a better […]

Updated: Stealing an “election” II

In the past, one of the ways that military regimes established their dominance was by forming political parties or by backing particular political parties, sometimes multiple parties. They do this to gain some supposed legitimacy. All over the world, dictatorial regimes use fake elections to do this, and the Thai military dictatorship is little different. […]

Protecting itself

The military dictatorship has been consistent in protecting itself and its bosses, almost as assiduously as it does the monarchy. As “more than a hundred people have been charged in the past two months for exercising their right to freedom of expression by calling for an election to be held this year after almost four […]

When the military is on top XVIII

When the military is in control even Songkran can be militarized. A reader passed on photos taken of an illumination in Bangkok.

Providing a platform for dictatorship

Chulalongkorn University’s administration has a reputation as a royal university. This often means that it has, through its history, provided a platform for dictatorial regimes. It has done it again. The Nation reports that the university has invited The Dictator to speak at the university’s main auditorium on something called “Chulalongkorn University and the Driving […]

When the military is on top XVII

In another egregious example of the warping of society under the military boot, The Nation reports that “Army chief General Chalermchai Sittisart has given the green light to resume construction of court buildings and official residences at the foot of Chiang Mai’s Doi Suthep, near [right at the edge of] Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.” The […]

Update: Watching some and not others

Key words for the military dictatorship: watching and watches. The Dictator “has ordered security forces to closely monitor political groups which are currently launching campaigns to unseat the …[military junta].” The so-called Democracy Restoration Group (DRG) and Start Up People are being watched as “anti-military activists who have stated that they will stage a prolonged […]