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A feudal future beckons

Yellow shirt commentators do not worry much about military dictatorship. They see military dictatorship as “normal” for Thailand. While most yellow shirts still believe that the military is the only thing standing between them, an election and the hated Thaksin Shinawatra, it is also clear that not all yellow shirts expected an enforced royal dictatorship […]

How big is the junta?

In the reports of the military junta considering pay rises for officials that work directly to it, there were also statements made about how large the junta’s staff is. The Nation reports that the junta has a huge staff. It states that the “NCPO secretary’s office … reported that around 22, 771 military officers were […]

The end of 1932

In a highly symbolic act of vandalism, Prachatai reports that the plaque marking the 1932 revolution has been removed, stolen  and replaced with a royalist plaque. The report is confirmed at Khaosod. According to the report, the replacement graffiti states: May Siam prosper forever [with] happy fresh-faced citizens [who are] the force of the nation. […]

Feel the repression

The repressive military dictatorship continues to behave badly. It says it behaves badly because the people cannot be trusted. Well, that’s our interpretation of what they are saying, but that’s the message. And when they say these things, they also lie. Recall that the use of Article 44 has been carried over into the 2017 […]

Further updated: Another junta “plot” unmasked

Remember that dastardly plot to bring down the junta. The one where the junta’s spokesman, Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd revealed a wicked conspiracy involving a supposedly bogus “set of nine restrictions for the Songkran holiday…”. These restrictions “prohibited Songkran revellers from wearing tight and revealing clothes and using high-pressure water guns and hoses…”. Lt Gen […]

The ideological crisis

Eugene Mark is identified as a Senior Analyst with Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS). He claims “a deep interest in Thailand’s political and security affairs.” He writes in the Diplomat that “Thailand’s military-led reconciliation talks … have again wrongly perceived the country’s crisis as an elite competition played at the top of […]

Defending Buddha Issara

Buddha Issara is a despicable fascist and anti-democrat monk. He has lauded gunmen, acted with thugs, praised the military dictatorship, extorted hotels, accused opponents of lese majeste and been an ardent supporter of the ridiculous law, taken the law into his own hands, and supported vigilantes. In short, he’s a detestable person and worse as […]