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The monarchy, military two-step

Since the Cold War era, the relationship between the military and monarchy has been close, with predominance see-sawing between the two pillars of Thai authoritarianism. Several times, the military has murdered and massacred in the name of the monarchy. The monarch appreciated their work. The monarchy has long danced with dictators. The current military dictatorship […]

Akechai bashed again

While engaging in enforced disappearance and (probably) in political murder of those considered opponents of the regime and monarchy, the military junta also allows vicious assaults on opponents. Regime critic Akechai Hongkangwarn has been viciously viciously assaulted for a seventh time. This assault took place in broad daylight, in front of witnesses and in front […]

Abject nepotism

The military junta has demonstrated that it is determined to monopolize political power; it is the way of military dictatorships. PPT is full of posts about its political repression, martial law, use of military courts, nepotism and corruption. The junta has filled the bureaucracy, “independent” organizations, courts and appointed bodies with junta puppets and flunkies. […]

The unelected swill

The unelected swill that will compose the dead weight of the royalist elite and the military junta on the future – the senate – will shortly be announced. The Bangkok Post correctly observes that the junta’s senate will be marked by cronyism and nepotism. As it also notes, this was expected of The Dictator and […]

Junta, ISOC and the “election” outcome

With the military junta about to complete its transition from military dictatorship to military-backed government, with the unelected Senate about to be named and the gaggle of party-list seats also about to be announced, a couple of lines in a story in the Bangkok Post caught our eye: One of the NCPO’s greatest achievements is […]

Erase the junta’s “law”

Prachatai recently reported on an important intervention by the International Commission of Jurists, seeking to “the repeal or amendment of Head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and NCPO orders and announcements in line with Thailand’s international human rights law obligations.” While this approach to the Council of State is likely to […]

Saving Thailand

PPT doesn’t often read the letters pages of the local newspapers. Just occasionally, though, something comes along worth mentioning, and we thought a contribution to The Nation, from a couple of days ago was pithy. It commented on a suggestion that Thailand needed reconciliation via a “savior” like Desmond Tutu: If Thailand had come up […]