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Further updated: Junta in disarray

If the information in a Bangkok Post story is to be believed, Thailand’s military dictatorship is in disarray. It may also be that its factions are coming apart. We certainly hope so, but acknowledge that the junta’s survival instincts have kept it together for three years. The first signal of disarray is that the usually […]

The dictatorship’s history

A reader drew our attention to an iLaw post that sets out the history of three years of military dictatorship in Thailand. It deserves to be read in full, even if it could be further extended. We quote a couple of bits: During the three years under the iron-fisted rule of the NCPO military regime, […]

Junta, dictatorship, coup

Since the 2014 military coup, we at PPT have regularly used the appropriate terms for designating Thailand’s current government: military junta and military dictatorship. It seems that the junta and its dictators are uncomfortable with such terminology. Khaosod reports that the words “dictatorship, coups and military juntas … are banned…”. The “organizers of a two-day […]

ASEAN lawmakers on Thailand’s authoritarian path

We reproduce this in full from ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights: ASEAN lawmakers: Thailand moving in the wrong direction three years on from coup JAKARTA – Parliamentarians from across Southeast Asia warned today that Thailand is moving in the wrong direction three years after the country’s military overthrew the last democratically elected government. On the […]

The king’s laundry I

Thailand’s military dictatorship is expanding its already frantic efforts to create a political landscape cleansed of anything that shows the real king as other than the “official king.” Like slaves and handmaidens of centuries past, the junta is busy laundering the king’s image and cleaning up his own messes. The laundered image is the often […]

Updated: Remembering and anti-remembering

The military junta tried to prevent all commemorations of deaths and injuries resulting from its murderous 2010 crackdown. The photos below are of Rajaprasong, where the military and police closed off public areas, fearful of commemorations. Despite this, there were small events, as shown here: Another commemoration was disrupted by official thugs. Update: Khaosod also […]

Updated: No remembering allowed II

Not so long ago we posted on the military junta’s continuing efforts to censor and repress, several times going into royalist overload, and to seek to “control” history. We mentioned the political vandalism of the 1932 plaque, several other events the dictators think best forgotten and swept under a military tarpaulin. The protesters killed in […]