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Fighting for political space

According to a report at Prachatai, a court in Bangkok “has commenced a trial against initiated by democracy activists against the junta leader, the [Royal Thai] Army and the Royal Thai Police (RTP).” These activists have accused these thugs “of violating their rights during a crackdown on a gathering to commemorate the 2014 coup d’état.” […]

Smacking down academics

It took a while, but 176 academics attending the International Conference on Thai Studies eventually issued a statement regarding academic and other freedoms. Some might have thought that Thailand’s military dictatorship might have ignored the rather mild statement. After all, the junta likes to say that it doesn’t repress speech even if that is a […]

Rejecting dictatorship

Much that passes for popular culture has been politically bland since the 2014 military coup. Global Voices reports on Tattoo Colour’s new song and video Dictator Girl (เผด็จเกิร์ล), which is critical of the military dictatorship:

Updated: King’s power

For some time there have been rumors that King Vajiralongkorn was seeking to take full control of the Crown Property Bureau. A Royal Gazette announcement on the weekend and reports in the Thai and international media make that takeover official. Interestingly, the takeover of the CPB by the king was discussed by Andrew MacGregor Marshall […]

Scholars speak up

As readers will know, we have been goading the scholars attending the International Conference on Thai Studies to take a stand against the military dictatorship and its repression. We are pleased that some 180 have taken a stand. Prachatai reports that this number of academics have called on the junta to return freedom, academic and […]

Free Pai XVI

The military dictatorship’s jailing of  Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa (or Pai) is an example of how the junta engages in selective political repression. The first political activist to be charged and jailed on lese majeste charges during the reign of the loathsome King Vajiralongkorn, his arrest was a act of political repression, singling out Pai among thousands […]

Double standards are the only “standards”

PPT has several times posted on the undermining of the rule of law under the military dictatorship. The essential underpinning of the junta’s injustice system is double standards. Readers may have noticed a swathe of cases brought against the junta’s political opponents of late. These include cases against the Shinawatra clan, including laws to be […]