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Two interesting reads

For quite different reasons, PPT recommends two recent stories as worthwhile reads: The first is a story at The Nation on the “cool responses and sometimes heated confrontation” that Suthep Thaugsuban is getting. The second story is at Prcahatai and concerns Nattathida Meewangpla, charged with lese majeste and being a part of a “bomb plot.” […]

Death by news

The military junta seems to be recycling bad news. In a wondrous piece of nothing much new, the junta’s most token civilian Wissanu Krea-ngam is quoted in The Nation as saying that the current junta is continuing on until at least June 2019 and that the latest an election can be held is 9 May. […]

Shocking calendars threaten regime stability

It was only a bit over a week ago that the junta’s automaton deputy police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul got upset about a rap song that attacked his brothers in the military dictatorship and all they stood for. He declared that the rappers had probably broken the law and threatened them and those sharing the popular […]

Rapping the military junta

The mammoth number of views received by the ประเทศกูมี video – more than 28 million – has caused more international attention to the nature of the military dictatorship and its rigged election. IHS Jane’s Country Risk Daily Report states that there is an “increased likelihood of NCPO [junta] intervention in Thailand’s political parties…”. Perhaps Jane’s […]

Planning massive electoral fraud

In a bizarre defense of lese majeste and the military dictatorship, Foreign Minister and junta slitherer Don Pramudwinai has not only defended the feudal lese majeste law, but rejected the idea that the junta’s rigged election could be observed by foreigners. We have posted a couple of times that the junta seems willing to engaged […]

The Dictator sulks and thought police get vindictive II

This post updates an earlier one on the military regime’s response to the rap song “Prathet Ku Mee.” The sulking and vindictiveness continues, with Pol Gen Srivara Ransibrahmanakul having “authorised police officers to lodge the defamation lawsuit on his behalf on Monday.” He also revealed that the official police investigation of the rappers and their […]

The Dictator sulks and thought police get vindictive I

Despite YouTube now requiring a sign-in for some to view “Prathet Ku Mee” – did the military junta get to them? – it has more than 22 million views. Grumbling (thought) police have “backed down on a threat to press charges against the artists behind the Rap Against Dictatorship project over the lyrics to their […]