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Reactionary anti-democrats

Because the military regime’s five years of political manipulation seems to have been unsuccessful in convincing voters, anti-democrats are becoming panicked. Those anti-democrats who populate the elite are exasperated at having tried again and again since 2006 to turn Thailand on the royalist path to Thai-style democracy and failed.The junta’s “election” is just the latest […]

Blame junta, Meechai and the EC for crisis

Wasant Techawongtham is a former news editor at the Bangkok Post. His op-ed today, summing up the Election Commission’s and military dictatorship’s finagling of the “election” result is worth a read. That there are much bigger countries running huge elections without all of the screw ups Thailand has seen is a point made by Wasant […]

Commoners Party strength

The Commoners Party is reported to have “refused to remove the words ‘military dictatorship’ and ‘shackles’ from its election campaign announcements on YouTube…”. Party leader Lertsak Kamkongsak “claimed the provincial election office in Loei has asked the party to drop the two words” and it had refused. Lertsak explained that the party’s campaign advertisements “asked […]

A decade of PPT

A decade has passed for Political Prisoners in Thailand. We admit our huge disappointment that we are still active after all these years. By this, we mean that PPT should have gone the way of the dinosaurs, being unnecessary as Thailand’s political prisoners, its military dictatorship and political repression would have been a thing of […]

The Economist on the king

The Economist’s story on Thailand this week will be banned in Thailand. It deserves to be widely read, so we reproduce it in full: A royal pain As the army and politicians bicker, Thailand’s king amasses more power He appoints generals, patriarchs and executives, and disposes of crown property as he pleases 3 Jan 2019 […]

Fears for Surachai I

Activists and human rights advocates remain deeply concerned about the fate of red shirt and anti-monarchist Surachai Danwattananusorn or Surachai Sae Dan who disappeared about two weeks ago from his home-in-exile, together with two comrades. His disappearance remains largely unmentioned in the mainstream media. Khaosod reports the discovery of a mutilated body found on the […]

The nonsensical notion of a free and fair election

We hope that the junta and its devil parties get smashed in the upcoming “election.” At the moment, we don’t think this outcome is very likely because of the huge manipulation and cheating that has gone on under the military dictatorship, which has expended truckloads of money, unbounded repression and a filing cabinet of laws […]