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GT200 conviction and the cover-up continues

Not that long ago we had some posts on the ongoing GT200 corruption scandal. As a follow-up, Khaosod reports that the military’s middleman on all these deals has been convicted again: Sutthiwat Wattanakij and his company Ava Satcom Ltd. were guilty of fraud for selling the so-called GT200 devices worth 6.8 million baht to the […]

Doubling down on double standards IV

We have posted a lot on the GT200 debacle. Even so, the Bangkok Post’s recent editorial on the military brass and their impunity deserves attention. It points out that the retailer of the useless non-devices to the military and other government agencies has twice been found guilty for selling the lumps of plastic. With just […]

Fearful, covering up or just thick?

The military junta has emphasized Thailand’s “uniqueness.” Thailand is probably the world’s only military dictatorship, it “protects” the monarchy more intensely than almost any other constitutional monarchy, its lese majeste law carries higher sentences than anywhere else and more. It is probably not unique that it has officials and appointed members of assemblies who say […]

Murder and the failure of the justice system

In our first post on the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom Pasae on 17 March 2017, we made several points. We began by saying no one has any reason to believe the police or the military on this tragic event. The junta immediately defended the soldiers who shot the young man: National Council for Peace and […]

Generals need conscripts

In a recent report, self-appointed Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha declared that the military “need[s] to retain the mandatory conscription for Thai male adults as soldiers form an indispensable force in time of crisis or emergency.” He added that conscripts “have several roles besides defending the country. He said soldiers are necessary in time of […]

Updated: The satellite system squirm

Read the junta’s efforts to hose down the satellite deal controversy. The Dictator Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha is “trying to placate opponents of the multi-billion baht defence satellite project, saying many other elements must be considered before deciding whether it should get off the ground, including the budget and people’s consent.” People’s consent? Huh? The Dictator […]

Updated: Military wheeling and dealing

Activist Srisuwan Janya seems to enjoy walking around with a target on his back. That is not a poor taste reflection on the military’s penchant for using snipers to kill demonstrators, but to Srisuwan’s continued attacks on the military and the regime. His latest outing is of a military satellite project. He claims it is […]