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Thailand being junta-ed into the future

Back in 2007, the end of the regime put in place by the junta that conducted the 2006 military coup was marked by the Computer Crimes Act. That junta-ed Thailand in the years that followed, with most of those charged with lese majeste also being charged under the computer crimes law. Of course, many others […]

Army and monarchy entwined

Khaosod has a story that should be read. While there’s much talk about lese majeste being (perhaps) rolled back and dependent on royal whim, the long mutual relationship between the monarchy and the top military brass is stronger than ever. Gen Apirat Kongsompong reportedly: lashed out at those behind a recent bid to petition King […]

On the lese majeste regime

Shawn Crispin at Asia Times has a longish piece on lese majeste. He’s making a point about a seeming change to the lese majeste regime that has been noted by several analysts for several weeks, but still has some points worth considering. He focuses on the controversial dropping of Sulak Sirivaksa’s Article 112 case when […]

All the king’s servants II

A few days ago PPT commented on the formation of a special police unit for the “protection of the monarchy” and especially the king. An AFP report adds a little more on this force of “[m]ore than 1,600 police … assigned to protect Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn and his family, … quadrupling the force as […]

Reporting lese majeste

Two recent articles in The Nation reflect on lese majeste and both deserve some attention. The first story is a poignant account of Nattathida Meewangpla’s case and the personal impact it has had. Nattathida’s misery over a lese majeste charge cannot be separated from the fact that she is a “key witness in the 2010 […]

Updated: Lese majeste on the way out?

Readers will have seen the several stories about and appeals court dropping lese majeste charges against six persons who allegedly burned public portraits of the previous king and the current one. They might also recall that PPT pointed to a change in the lese majeste wind: There has been some social media discussion of the […]

Dictatorship of bullies

Today’s Bangkok Post has three stories that demonstrate that the military dictatorship is a coterie of thugs. The first that caught our attention is an editorial where the Deputy Dictator’s adviser Pol Maj Gen Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparnhas decided that he has license to bully persons overseas. Of course, the military dictatorship has bullied those […]