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Where are they? II

Regime and monarchy critics Chucheep Chivasut (known as Uncle Sanam Luang), Siam Theerawut, and Kritsana Tupthai have been forcibly disappeared, may have been detained incommunicado or may have been killed. No one seems to know. The junta has to come clean on their disappearance, whether that’s saying exactly where they are or bringing them before […]

Where are they? I

Regime and monarchy critics Chucheep Chivasut (known as Uncle Sanam Luang), Siam Theerawut, and Kritsana Tupthai have been forcibly disappeared. Prachatai reports that “both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have expressed their concerns over the activists’ safety and called on the Thai government to disclose information about their whereabouts.” In Bangkok, parents of Siam […]

Enforced disappearance and extrajudicial execution

On 6 March, writing together four Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations wrote to Thailand’s government on the disappearance and murder of exiled political activists. The details are important, so we reproduce this letter in full. A report is also available at Prachatai: Mandates of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances; the Special […]

Statement by Thai Alliance for Human Rights

ALERT STATEMENT: Reported Deportation of Three Prominent Thai Anti-Monarchy Dissidents from Vietnam Date: May 10, 2019 This is a written statement following an official live broadcast by our representative on May 9, 2019. We, the Committee of the Thai Alliance for Human Rights, are very concerned about the fate of Mr. Chucheap Chewasut (ชูชีพ ชีวะสุทธิ์), […]

Jatuphat released

Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa has been released from jail after serving almost his whole sentence for lese majeste. He got a royal pardon, along with thousands of others, that gave him a few weeks off his sentence. It is great news that he’s out of prison for a politically-motivated and belligerent attack by the junta. The details […]

Lese majeste vs. enforced disappearance and murder

A pattern of enforced disappearance and murder has emerged for anti-monarchists who have fled Thailand to near neighbor states. Following bodies of anti-monarchists found floating in the Mekong River, another three activists have been “disappeared,” perhaps murdered or maybe  jailed in some secret prison. There’s now a trail of disappearances and murders of anti-monarchist activists. […]

On monarchy’s futures

A week or so ago The Economist had a long article on monarchies. Some aspects of it have relevance for Thailand as coronation has been used to promote Vajiralongkorn’s reputation and position. It notes that monarchy are both fragile and regressive: If monarchy did not exist, nobody would invent it today. Its legitimacy stems from […]