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Critic in fear for his life

Asia Sentinel carries a report headlined “Thai Critic Faces Death Threat.” We guess that the story is blocked for many readers in Thailand, so while not reproducing the report in full, PPT posts the main points from it. Pavin Chachavalpongpun has become one of the most implacable critics of the country’s ruling king, … Vajiralongkorn, […]

More secret king’s business II

In a post yesterday we mentioned the secret changes made to  royal agencies. The reports that we had seen suggested a “re-organization,” and we wondered what was so nefarious that the changes were made surreptitiously. A report at Reuters now explains the secret business a little more. It seems the reason for the secrecy is […]

More secret king’s business I

In case you missed it, the junta had the puppet National Legislative Assembly (NLA) meet in secret on 20 April to enact a “new bill … to reorganise the six agencies serving the Crown…”. The puppet lawmakers naturally “approved in-camera the royal administration bill which the Cabinet had added to the meeting agenda.” We can […]

A feudal future beckons

Yellow shirt commentators do not worry much about military dictatorship. They see military dictatorship as “normal” for Thailand. While most yellow shirts still believe that the military is the only thing standing between them, an election and the hated Thaksin Shinawatra, it is also clear that not all yellow shirts expected an enforced royal dictatorship […]

Military court for lese majeste case

Sarawut (surname withheld), 32, is an optometrist in Chiang Rai was charged with lese majeste before a military court, accused of defaming Prince Vajiralongkorn, now king. He was detained 0n 11 October 2016 for lese majeste and computer crimes. Initially denied bail, he later received it some three months later when his lawyer told the […]

Fear and unintended consequences II

Most of the breaking stories on the fate of the 1932 plaque are on social media, including the Facebook accounts of Andrew MacGregor Marshall and Somsak Jeamteerasakul. Another Facebook account worth following is that by Pravit Rojanaphruk, one of the bravest of local journalists. The mainstream media is publishing material but because it is now […]

Fear and unintended consequences I

Yet another strange media event highlights the politics of the new reign. Yesterday it was reported that the dead king’s funeral would take place on 26 October. Later in the day, Khaosod has published this, with the black nothingness being in the original: Note to Readers: Removal of An Article About a Palace Announcement Khaosod […]