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Updated: On not being anti-royal

The level of self-censorship in Thailand is at an all-time high. That’s an outcome of the military junta’s 2014 coup and its heavy-handed crackdown on anything considered anti-monarchy. One of the reasons for the coup was to crush anti-royalism and republicanism. These rising sentiments threatened the social hierarchy and the ideology of conservative royalism that […]

Delusion and reality

A report in the Bangkok Post suggests that the military junta is delusional. But we don’t think they are, at least not on this one. Rather, the junta’s minions at the National Legislative Assembly, are exceeding themselves in fabricating news, piling buffalo excrement mountain high. As we posted yesterday, the NLA, in doing the junta’s […]

Dodgy zoo deal

Everyone knows that the king wants the land that the zoo is on. What no one seemed to report until now is that he wants it now! Of course, the media doesn’t report it this way. They don’t dare. It is clear that the zoo began as a private zoo for royals and in 1938 […]

All hail the emperor

Thailand has a king. It also has a military dictator. Apparently, though, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha feels his status has risen remarkably. He behaves like and emperor. As reported by both Khaosod and the Bangkok Post, The Dictator-cum-Emperor has demanded rules for his representation by the media. We are indebted to the Post for its excellent […]

New king, old king, same story

On Saturday evening, The Dictator and his junta buddies got their best uniforms on to hail the king on his birthday. As far as anyone can tell, the junta, the military it represents and the monarchy continue their anti-democratic partnership that has crippled Thailand’s political development for about six decades. More than this, though, the […]

Thailand’s new uniform

  Under the previous king the rule for dress became yellow. If you weren’t wearing yellow, doing anything public or with government officers became more difficult. Yellow became a sign of loyalty. That’s why the People’s Alliance for Democracy chose the king’s birth color – they were saying and displaying their royalism and their loyalty. […]

Another anthem

As far as we are aware, Thailand has a national anthem and a royal anthem. The former is the one that now sees most people stop and stand to attention when its played in the morning and evening. It didn’t use to be that way. The latter has also become more intrusive than we remember […]