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Thanathorn punished by the junta’s EC

For the junta’s puppet Election Commission, the 2019 election is far from over. For the next few months it is likely to seek to further slant the result in favor of the junta’s party and its allies. It will do this by disqualifying and banning MPs and perhaps will even seek to dissolve another party. […]

Framing Thanathorn

They wrote their own constitution and ran a rigged referendum. They rigged the election (but did rather poorly). They corrupted all of the “independent” agencies. They stacked a Senate that now drips nepotism and corruption. They have used “law” more than any previous regime to cement their own position. Now, the military junta, acting as […]

On stealing the election XIV

It is not just PPT saying that the junta has stolen the 2019 election, aided and abetted by the Election Commission and other no-longer-independent agencies. Here the Bangkok Post and The Economist: The Bangkok Post has an editorial that calls the EC’s party-list allocation a “hijacking”: Whether it is driven by a political agenda or […]

On stealing the election XII

As expected, the military junta has “won” the “election” it spent five years rigging, but only just and thanks to puppet agencies that went to work massaging the “election” results. After the junta-supporting Constitutional Court ruled that the puppet Election Commission was empowered to decide how to “count” votes for the party list system, the […]

NHRC as farce

In all of the palaver about the coronation, PPT neglected a related and far more important story that suggests human rights, long in decline are now at rock bottom under the military and the coronated would-be tyrant. Human Rights Watch has issued a statement condemning Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission for its “groundless inquiry of […]

Blame the EC

As the Constitutional Court accepts the “Ombudsman’s request for a ruling on the constitutionality of the Election Commission’s formula to calculate party-list MPs for political parties and will rule next Wednesday,” the EC continues a quiet and opaque process of disqualification. It has “disqualified 11 former MP candidates of eight parties, effectively excluding another 12,000 […]

Updated: Feckless fools

The Election Commission is a hastily cobbled together sham and a joke. After the re-run of the “election” in Nakhon Pathom province, on Sunday  EC commissioner Chatchai Chanpraisri announced that “the Future Forward Party had won over the Democrat Party by 65 votes.” The Democrat Party challenged this announcement and provided figures showing its candidate […]