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He who must be obeyed … not

With The Dictator now the de facto leader of the Palang Pracharath Party as well as being prime minister and head of the military junta, he must be obeyed. Or so he thought. As reported by both The Nation and the Bangkok Post, the Democrat Party and the Puea Thai Party have rejected the order […]

Updated: The Dictator in full campaign mode

The Dictator has been campaigning for some time. He’s been campaigning for his own transition from military dictator-cum-prime-minister at the head of a military junta to military-backed dictator-cum-prime-minister at the head of a regime produced by the junta’s rigged election. That campaigning has increasingly come to mean stumping for the devil Palang Pracharath Party and […]

Campaigning and the monarchy

The Dictator is not just pouring bags of money into the electorate to make sure he keeps his position in a post-election regime, he deploying the monarchy as a campaign shibboleth. The Bangkok Post reports that Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has “called on Thais to maintain unity and goodwill towards each other as … […]

The election and the VAT man

Nipon Poapongsakorn is one of those neoliberal economists working with the Thailand Development Research Institute. He’s widely reported as being flabbergasted about “the government’s plan to offer a 5-per-cent VAT refund to shoppers during the Chinese New Year festival in February…”. At the Bangkok Post, he’s reported as saying: “I am speechless about it…”. He […]

The election splurge II

Just days after shoveling taxpayer funds out to shore up its electoral appeal, and soon after the devil party more-or-less officially stated that The Dictator is their man for the premiership after the election, the junta has come up with even more electoral giveaways. This means that the de facto leader of the Palang Pracharath […]

Updated: The election splurge I

A couple of days ago PPT quoted Chaturon Chaisang who complained that the military junta was “going to take advantage over others until the last minute.” His comment was not just about electoral boundaries. On cue, after splurging on rubber planters, the junta has come up with yet another way to use taxpayer money to […]

The “educate” on democracy

We already knew it, but recent World Bank data briefly reported at The Nation confirms it. Thailand’s most highly “educated” – those with tertiary education – are less supportive of democratic politics than those of primary school education levels. More than 62% of the lower educated strongly support democracy while only 53% of “educated” university […]