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Secrets and miracles

The news media has been quite taken up with the scramble among junta people – and their accusations flying back and forth – on the failure to levy any tax on the Shin Corp sale deal back in early 2006. Part of the problem for the tax authorities was that a later grab for Thaksin […]

Drought doubt

A couple of days ago, The Nation had this headline: “No fear of drought this summer.” The story stated: … water experts ruled out the possibility of a severe drought this year, although they cautioned people to use water wisely. Today, The Nation has a story titled “King concerned about drought, urged govt to help […]

Updated: Going after grannies

The junta doesn’t discriminate when attacking and repressing its opponents. Age, gender and location are no barriers to repression. Over the past couple of days, it seems the military dictatorship has turned its attention to repressing grannies. A story at Prachatai reports that 20 villagers in Udornthani have ended a court case by pleading “guilty […]

Unusual, extraordinary, exceptional

The amendments to the junta’s draft constitution remain secret. At last, the media is beginning to notice that this secrecy and the processes involved are strange. Khaosod quotes legal scholar Jade Donavanik who said that it is “unusual for constitutional revisions to be submitted for royal consideration without first disclosing them to the public…”. He […]

Secrets, constitution and election

Not that long ago, PPT posted on the secret amendments to the draft constitution. Despite the sham “referendum” on the “constitution,” the king demanded changes that, according to The Dictator’s account, give the king more power and flexibility. Those amendments were crafted, in secret, by a puppet committee. Then the military junta declared that these […]

Still getting the monarchy wrong

Ralph Jennings, a Contributor at Forbes, says he “cover[s] under-reported stories from Taiwan and Asia” but seems to specialize on China and Taiwan. Thus, venturing into things royal and Thailand is thus a stretch and a test of knowledge. He’s right to observe that the monarchy in Thailand has “massive influence.” But the picture he […]

Secret constitution amendments

Readers will recall that the military junta’s “constitution” was sent to a process it described as a “referendum.” Despite that exercise in (false) legitimacy, the junta then had to withdraw the draft constitution to make changes demanded by King Vajiralongkorn, said to increase his powers. During the amendment process, the exact changes were kept secret. […]