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The junta’s constitution promulgated

In a ceremony broadcast live on the national television feed, the king signed the (now) 2017 constitution. As we watched, we were wondering when was the last time such a ceremony was held. The television commentators say that this was the fifth such ceremony since 1932. No other royal was seen. Perhaps they are all […]

Updated: Moving from military dictatorship to military domination

The Bangkok Post quotes the junta and its minions in saying that a “general election will be held in November next year [2018] at the latest now that the date has been set for the promulgation of Thailand’s 20th constitution, according to the roadmap set by the National Council for Peace and Order[they mean military […]

Constitution to be revealed

All media have dutifully reported that the king, who we guess is back from Germany or will be soon, will “formally enact the new constitution on Thursday, which also marks the anniversary of his dynasty’s reign over Thailand.” That seems entirely appropriate in the sense that the regime came to power following a military coup […]

UN Human Rights Committee findings

The UN Human Rights Committee has published its findings on the civil and political rights record of countries it examined during its latest session. These findings are officially known as “concluding observations.” They contain “positive aspects of the respective State’s implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and also main matters […]

Secrets and miracles

The news media has been quite taken up with the scramble among junta people – and their accusations flying back and forth – on the failure to levy any tax on the Shin Corp sale deal back in early 2006. Part of the problem for the tax authorities was that a later grab for Thaksin […]

Drought doubt

A couple of days ago, The Nation had this headline: “No fear of drought this summer.” The story stated: … water experts ruled out the possibility of a severe drought this year, although they cautioned people to use water wisely. Today, The Nation has a story titled “King concerned about drought, urged govt to help […]

Updated: Going after grannies

The junta doesn’t discriminate when attacking and repressing its opponents. Age, gender and location are no barriers to repression. Over the past couple of days, it seems the military dictatorship has turned its attention to repressing grannies. A story at Prachatai reports that 20 villagers in Udornthani have ended a court case by pleading “guilty […]