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GT200 conviction and the cover-up continues

Not that long ago we had some posts on the ongoing GT200 corruption scandal. As a follow-up, Khaosod reports that the military’s middleman on all these deals has been convicted again: Sutthiwat Wattanakij and his company Ava Satcom Ltd. were guilty of fraud for selling the so-called GT200 devices worth 6.8 million baht to the […]

Manipulating and scheming II

We are playing catch-up on the news about the unethical and potentially illegal actions of ministers in the junta’s regime also serving as executives for the pro-junta devil party, Palang Pracharath. Yesterday, the Bangkok Post reported that The Dictator declared that the ministers and others working in Government House “have not broken the law by […]

Doubling down on double standards IV

We have posted a lot on the GT200 debacle. Even so, the Bangkok Post’s recent editorial on the military brass and their impunity deserves attention. It points out that the retailer of the useless non-devices to the military and other government agencies has twice been found guilty for selling the lumps of plastic. With just […]

Hopeless, politicized and corrupt

We don’t know exactly when General Prawit Wongsuwan “instructed all relevant units to expedite the cases” in the GT200 scandal. Deputy Defense Minister Gen Chaichan Changmongkol made the claim only in the past 48 hours. On cue, all agencies have now reported in the media that all is finished or almost finished. Wow. Imagine what […]

Prawit and his arrogance

Gen Prawit Wongsuwan is determined that he’ll never have to suffer the indignity of proper investigation by the hopeless National Anti-Corruption Commission. But in affirming this, he has come up with one of the dumbest and most ludicrous series of claims we have ever heard. Khaosod reports that the Deputy Dictator has stated that he […]

Getting even II

PPT isn’t closely following the story of the rape claims associated with Koh Tao. However, after the police there declared that there was no evidence of any rape, it is sobering to read that while the Thai police have shut up shop and gone into suppression and repression mode, the British police are investigating. Not […]

Getting even I

A report at Khaosod that police are seeking to arrest arrest 12 people for sharing “posts by a Facebook page called CSI LA,” regarding an alleged rape on Koh Tao, which police have “investigated” and dismissed out of hand. The police say they are also “seeking the arrest of CSI LA’s admin, a Thai man […]