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Glacial NACC

The pattern of “investigations” by the National Anti-Corruption Commission is that political opponents of the military junta tend have judgements made in quick time, while the buddies, allies and members of the military junta proceed at a glacial pace or are quickly dismissed. An example of glacial “investigation” is that of Deputy Dictator, Gen Prawit […]

The unbelievables

As a rule never receive information from military juntas as factual. Junta members, leaders and minions have no compunction about making stuff up. They may sometimes tell the truth, but they are the unbelievables. In recent days we have seen examples of this manipulation of facts and truth. For example, Khaosod reports that activists are […]

The junta and the gathering of dark influences

Remember all that stuff about corruption? The heroic claims about catching the corrupt when the military yet again crushed Thailand’s electoral politics in 2014. The junta’s national fairy tale on how “Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha as a PM has reformed the country to be a true democracy, eliminated corruption and used morality to lead the country […]

Stealing an “election”

PPT has been posting on the military dictatorship’s efforts to manufacture an “election” victory since the junta and its lackeys in various councils, assemblies and committees began carrying out instructions on how to write the constitution for the military’s benefit and to the broader satisfaction of the royalists and other anti-democrats who supported the 2014 […]

Looking for the obese NACC singer

A couple of weeks ago, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, Thailand’s Deputy Dictator, declared the investigation into his possession of two score of luxury watches and sundry jewelry items over and the case closed. As well as declaring his own case closed, Gen Prawit then went on to claim that the whole issue over his “borrowed” (from […]

Another case closed

The junta is closing (difficult) cases faster than you can say military dictatorship. About a week ago Gen Prawit Wongsuwan declared his luxury watch “investigation” (by the puppet National Anti-Corruption Commission) was over. Nothing to see there. Case closed. Now, within days of the issue becoming “hot,” the Bangkok Post reports that the very same […]

Cleaning up during the cover-up

Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan has declared his luxury watch corruption case “over.” Meanwhile, the National Anti-Corruption Commission seems intent on not just covering up for the boss but is seeking to bury the case. Gen Prawit has another agenda. After seeking political advantage by concocting the “investigation” as resulting from an opposition “plot,” he […]