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The junta and big business

The Nikkei Asian Review has an article by Marwaan Macan-Markar that begins the much-needed task of unraveling the military dictatorship’s business dealings. Over almost four years, the junta has quietly gone about reshaping the relationship between the military and business, both state enterprises and Sino-Thai conglomerates. The article refers to a “cosy relationship between Thailand’s […]

Somyos and his money

It was less than a week ago that wealthy former police chief Somyos Pumpanmuang was mentioned in a post. Of course, long-time readers will know that we have been posting on his unusual wealth since it was revealed in 2014. Back in 2017, we asked about the Police General’s positions and wealth. Somyos is head […]

Updated: Still watching and waiting

A couple of days ago we posted on how quiet the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) had become very, very quiet on Gen Prawit Wongsuwan’s luxury watch “investigation.” The NACC has now been pushed by activists to state that the “probe into the luxury watches allegedly owned by Deputy Prime Minister [Gen] Prawit … is still […]

NACC on watch

It was only a couple of days ago that PPT mentioned how very quiet the National Anti-Corruption Commission had been since Gen Prawit Wongsuwan told them his luxury watch case was over. We assumed then that the NACC has done as it was ordered and there‚Äôs no case for the boss to answer. Interestingly, a […]


Voranai Vanijaka is a columnist, Bangkok Post. He was once with The Nation and has a reputation for biting op-eds. His most recent outing deserves some attention. He observes that there have been a series of scandals for the military regime over the last six months. We think there have been far more and over […]

Impunity, intimidation and murder

The statement below is reproduced in full. It refers to the sad and covered-up murder of Chaiyapoom Pasae by soldiers. Even for Thailand under its military dictatorship, this account is a shocking set of events. It confirms the manner in which the authorities can literally get away with murder while harassing others, jailing them without […]

Glacial NACC

The pattern of “investigations” by the National Anti-Corruption Commission is that political opponents of the military junta tend have judgements made in quick time, while the buddies, allies and members of the military junta proceed at a glacial pace or are quickly dismissed. An example of glacial “investigation” is that of Deputy Dictator, Gen Prawit […]