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Reaction to the NACC’s Prawit decision II

The Nation reports “widespread criticism after the [National Anti-Corruption Commission] commissioners decided to drop charges against [Gen] Prawit [Wongsuwan]’s controversial collection of 22 luxury watches…”. A Bangkok Post editorial states the NACC ruling “is unconvincing and dubious due to its weak rationale behind the decision and and its half-baked probe into the case.” It adds […]

Reaction to the NACC’s Prawit decision I

The Bangkok Post has a story reporting negative reaction to the National Anti-Corruption Commission decision to clear Gen Prawit Wongsuwan. It states the NACC: found itself in the hot seat after it cleared Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon of wrongdoing in the luxury watch scandal, ruling by a majority vote that he did not make […]

Watching the NACC

The only surprising thing in a Thai PBS report on the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s “investigation” of Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan’s luxury watches is that its “secretary-general Worawit Sookboon was on Wednesday evening booed by a large group of reporters who were disappointed by his refusal to discuss the controversial issue…”. That was at 6.30 […]

The other junta (non-) processing terminal

A week ago, a Bangkok Post editorial prompted PPT to again post on the puppet National Anti-Corruption Commission’s year-long (non-)investigation of Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan’s undeclared diamonds and dozens of luxury timepieces. As is usual, when this case is raised in the media, the NACC has a Pavlovian response. Thai PBS reports that […]

Updated: The Dictator in full campaign mode

The Dictator has been campaigning for some time. He’s been campaigning for his own transition from military dictator-cum-prime-minister at the head of a military junta to military-backed dictator-cum-prime-minister at the head of a regime produced by the junta’s rigged election. That campaigning has increasingly come to mean stumping for the devil Palang Pracharath Party and […]

Monarchy, junta and a refugee II

A couple of days ago PPT linked to a despicable tale of Thailand’s junta flouting international norms by detaining an accredited refugee from Australia. Hakeem Al-Araibi, a footballer, was detained at Bangkok’s international airport on an Interpol red notice issued at Bahrain’s request. The Bangkok Post has noticed the case and has an editorial that […]

One year of the luxury watch non-investigation

The Bangkok Post has to be applauded for its editorial that observes the anniversary of the day “Deputy Prime Minister [Gen] Prawit Wongsuwon showed off his diamonds and a costly watch…” that became more than a score of luxury watches. The Post points out that the Deputy Dictator had never declared the watches in his […]