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Military business is always corrupt

With virtually all of the various corruption complaints made since the military came to power through its illegal coup in 2014 having been dismissed, perhaps it is no surprise that the military is now using its taxpayer-funded facilities in money-making ventures. Of course, some of this has been seen in the past, with military property […]

Sorting out corruption, deaths, theft

PPT was pleased to note a Bangkok Post editorial on the case of the young Lahu activist Chaiyapoom Pasae who was killed by soldiers about six months ago. The Post refers to this as an “extra-judicial killing in broad daylight…”. The events of the killing have been muddied by the authorities, with “some cabinet ministers […]

Sky Dragon dies, corruption ignored

It is now an old story of military corruption, irresponsibility, saving face, commissions and so on, but worth bringing to its conclusion, at least at this blog. Sky Dragon has been officially and secretly deflated and will presumably go to landfill or some vacant hangar (unless some military entrepreneur can work out a way to […]

Watching and repressing for profit

The National Human Rights Commission is not known for protecting human rights. For the past few years, despite the efforts of a couple of commissioners who tried to do their job, the NHRC has been a sinecure for junta buddies and has ignored the military dictatorship’s abuses. That’s why it is surprising to see a […]

Military traffic

There are several stories going around that congratulate the military regime for finally managing to get some of the bigger human traffickers into court and having them convicted with long sentences. The regime has attempted to get its “ranking” up in the annual U.S. report on human trafficking. The Asia Times has some of the […]

Military and police corruption

Think of all those corruption cases that have been processed by the military dictatorship and those that have simply disappeared into silence and nothingness. On the one hand there are all those cases against members of the former government. On the other there is empty space. Unusual wealth is simply not an issue. Rajabhakti Park? […]

Taxpayer-funded royalism

The effort to “regularize” the junta’s irregular approval of to push through that tower mega-project (worth about half of a Chinese submarine, depending on the price quoted by the Treasury Department), have quickly deteriorated to claims about monarchy, as we predicted. Prachatai reports that the earlier claims about income and tourism have quickly been ditched. […]