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Only double standards II

Back at the end of October, the Bangkok Post ran what seems to us like an advertorial on the National Anti-Corruption Commission. We say it is an advertorial because it is full of glosses, fibs and outright lies. On the 18th anniversary of its establishment, the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission is a failure. […]

Only double standards I

We have pointed to the double standards that operate in Thailand hundreds of times. So many times, that it seems that double standards are the only standards used by the military dictatorship and its puppet agencies, including the judiciary. Two recent examples involve judicial action against student activists and, somewhat differently, in actions against provincial […]

Updated: After the funeral, more of the same

The funeral is officially over but the hagiographical syrup and royalist nastiness and threats continue to flow. As in other periods where ultra-royalism is boosted by the military state, it becomes dangerous for anyone who might dare to express different opinions. The military regime may also be emboldened by the continued rise of ultra-royalism, which […]

Further updated: Covering the corruption money trails

Recall the claim that Interior Minister General Anupong Paojinda had approved the purchase of hundreds of “road speed guns for six times the normal price?” Anupong said the “849 hand-held laser speed detectors – each costing 675,000 baht – was urgent to replace outdated equipment.” That’s more than 573 million baht. The project did not […]

Who is taking advantage of the funeral?

PPT has had several posts in recent days that compare The Dictator’s campaigning and his accusations that Puea Thai Party’s Sudarat Keyuraphan was “political campaigning” in the name of remembering the dead king. Khaosod has a report that deserves some attention. Anti-corruption activist Srisuwan Janya points to “two purchasing scandals” he says have surfaced in […]

Archaic laws and feudal laws

A report at the Bangkok Post caught PPT’s attention. It began with this: “Thailand needs to amend restrictive laws and regulations to achieve its road map for national reform and its vision of Thailand 4.0…”. It wasn’t the Thailand 4.0 that got our attention, although we would like to know what Thailand 1.0, 2.0 and […]

Military business is always corrupt

With virtually all of the various corruption complaints made since the military came to power through its illegal coup in 2014 having been dismissed, perhaps it is no surprise that the military is now using its taxpayer-funded facilities in money-making ventures. Of course, some of this has been seen in the past, with military property […]