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Stupidity, crime and impunity

Wasant Techawongtham is former News Editor at the Bangkok Post. He has an interesting op-ed in that newspaper on the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom Pasae. He states that the young lad: … must have been really stupid. He was a local Lahu boy. He knew where the military had set up their semi-permanent checkpoint. He […]

Another junta crook gets off

No corruption allegations ever sticks to the military junta’s allies, or so it seems. In the case of Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathavorn, everyone, and we mean everyone, knows he did it. But, as The Nation reports, he is let off without a charge or even a slap on the “ethics” wrist. The Office of […]

More junta maneuvering

Several reports today show the slithering maneuverings by the junta promise more junta, more censorship and more corruption. The first story follows from another a couple of days ago on more “delays” to the “election” schedule. Now the chief constitution launderer Meechai Ruchupan has apparently agreed that it may be late 2018 before there’s an […]

Money for nothing III

Remember that case of the big liquor and beer firm ThaiBev paying the Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Sanit Mahathavorn a 50,000 baht a month advisor’s fee? Well, we are now told it never happened! Just like magic, the allegation and even the policeman’s self-declaration is gone! Poof! The Bangkok Post reports that Sanit “claims there […]

Graft failures continue

Remember the Rolls Royce graft story? Forgotten it already? The junta’s government seems to hope it goes away. In the best tradition of burying graft allegations, dragging out a case seems to one way of hoping it will go away. The Bangkok Post reports that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) “has admitted there has been […]

Fudged to save well-paid relatives and buddies

In an earlier post, we commented on the “clearing” of the seven puppet lawmakers who were “investigated” on allegations that they had failed to fulfill their required duties with the National Legislative Assembly. A report was said to be forthcoming that cleared the well-paid and senior friends of the junta. PPT concluded by stating: We […]

Toys for boys

PPT has been trying to find a “space” for this post for a few days. Now we have it. An op-ed at the Bangkok Post comments on Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan, who doubles as the Minister for Defense, and his confirmation that “the Royal Thai Navy will spend 13.5 billion baht for one […]