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Making a cruel point

The 6 October 1976 massacre was one of the Thai military’s periodic interventions in politics that saw many citizens murdered and arrested. While the numbers killed total in the 40s for official counts, but perhaps 10 times this in reality. This massacre was particularly brutal, with civilians being raped, burned alive, lynched, dismembered and tortured. […]

On the Phibun threat (1957)

Andrew MacGregor Marshall has another useful posting including archival material from 1957 at Zen Journalist. In another post we referred to material that showed clear palace involvement in the 1957 coup planning. In this we refer to a document that has the young king explaining his position on Prime Minister Phibun, who had been overthrown […]

Democracy vs. the monarchy’s ruling class

PPT enjoyed the Bangkok Post‘s discussion with historian Charnvit Kasetsiri on the 1932 Revolution and contemporary politics. We certainly agree with his observation that: throughout the past 80 years, conservative forces have retained a lot of their influence, making democracy unstable. It is more like “transient democracy”, not a permanent one as long as citizens’ […]