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Corruption park back in the news

Rajabhakti Park or Corruption Park, the military’s giant and expensive posterior polish for “great kings” was in the news before the funeral of the last king. One of the last times that the park was in the news was when the Bangkok Post reminded the military junta and its readers that the “funeral occurred in […]

More privy councilors

The king can have up to 18 privy councilors. Until today we think he had 13, mostly former military men and former judges. He now has three more, each with junta connections. The Bangkok Post reports that a “former cabinet secretary and the former commanders of the army and the air force who retired on […]

Murder and the failure of the justice system

In our first post on the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom Pasae on 17 March 2017, we made several points. We began by saying no one has any reason to believe the police or the military on this tragic event. The junta immediately defended the soldiers who shot the young man: National Council for Peace and […]

How’s that February election coming along?

We have to admit that when we read the stories about the National Legislative Assembly getting twitchy about the (old) Election Commissioners being involved in the selection of well-paid election inspectors, we were suspicious. When The Dictator supported the NLA move, we were convinced that these were just more junta shenanigans to delay the “election” […]

The junta’s lock

The military dictatorship has now had more than four years to lock-in its rule and its rules. In establishing control over the military, it has had longer. Around the time of the 2006 military coup, royalist elements in the military, aligned with the palace directly or through privy councilors Gen Prem Tinsulanonda and Gen Surayud […]

Dumber than a bag of hammers II

We at PPT have been critical of the justice system because it has been politicized, practiced double standards and enforced injustice. The system that runs from police to prosecutors to courts includes many nodes where the rich can pay bribes to avoid courts, charges and jail. The regime uses it to maintain impunity and to […]

Beware of ISOC

Since its inception, one of the main tasks of the Internal Security Operations Command has been disrupting political movements. It has done this by establishing its own “movements” of murderous rightists, and paramilitaries and not just in the past. It has also infiltrated genuine movements and groups to disrupt them. Yet another tactic has been […]