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Constructing the junta’s digital Panopticon

Anyone who has watched the junta’s boot grinding down political activism, one of the most noticeable and distasteful of its repressive efforts has been to establish vigilantism supporting military hired spies who police the internet for content the military dictators feel is threatening. This usually means online lese majeste although the junta has also bee […]

An anonymous Bangkok Post

In the fallout following the Bangkok Post’s sacking/transfer of then editor Umesh Pandey, the Bangkok Post’s management first tried character assassination via other outlets. That seemed to produce little positive for the tycoons’ press. So they have now tried statements of “integrity” and “autonomy.” The statement is signed “The Editors of the Bangkok Post.” The […]

Bangkok Post capitulates on free expression

This morning the Bangkok Post had an editorial on press freedom: “Censorship must go.” Presumably this editorial was approved if not written by editor Umesh Pandey. Prompted by the suspension of Voice TV, the editorial said things like: Censorship by this regime began the day of the coup — May 22, 2014. At that time, […]

Calling out the NBTC

It has taken a long time but two journalists’ associations have finally called out the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. The Thai Journalists Association and Thai Broadcasting Journalists’ Association have opposed the NBTC’s decision to shut down Peace TV for one month.So far so good, but then it all unravels for the associations and their […]

Further updated: Serving authoritarians and other scoundrels

Only a few days ago we posted on how the military dictatorship has proven itself to have the right attitudes and ideology for dealing with other authoritarian regimes. Most especially, Thailand’s military regime has felt most comfortable in dealing with military leaders in those countries. That’s also been true of its dealing with the military […]

Trusted forms of repression

It was only a day or so ago that various junta allies reckoned that the activism that has bubbled up over the Deputy Dictator’s luxury watches and the “delays” to the “election” timetable would fade away. It hasn’t and the junta is trying to erase activism. It is engaging in its trusted forms of repression: […]

HRW on Thailand under the military boot

Human Rights Watch has released its World Report 2018. The Thailand report‘s first heading is: “Sweeping, Unchecked, and Unaccountable Military Powers.” That country chapter is only about 7 pages and worth reading. The media release on the Thailand chapter begins (with our bolding): Thailand’s government took no significant steps to restore democratic rule and basic […]