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Found, missing, who knows?

Found: A couple of weeks ago we posted that social media was buzzing about the “disappearance” of Gen Apirat Kongsompong. We cited Andrew MacGregor Marshall suggests saying that he’d been “arrested” and is at the king’s jail. Soon after, he reappeared, shaven head and all, but back at work. Now social media rumors are that […]

Further updated: Social media stories to watch

Social media has come alive with two stories today. The first concerns groups of people assembling at the Rajaprasong intersection to remember the deaths and injuries that took place eight years ago. Khaosod has an early report, but those following Facebook activists will see photos of people remembering the dead. Interestingly, there’s also an impression […]

Updated: A catch-up II

Continuing our catch-up: Khaosod reports on the prosecution of red shirt leaders: Nothing unusual about that. After all, one of the central tasks of the military dictatorship has been to break up and disburse the red shirt movement, jailing leaders and repressing the movement since the 2014 military coup. The unusual bit is that this […]

Further updated: More royal house cleaning

[Note: we have reworded parts of this post to add a little detail and have also included an update to more recent reporting on this sacking.] It is widely believed that former Grand Chamberlain Distorn Vajarodaya is not favored by the King Vajiralongkorn. Confirming the king’s distaste, Distorn was demoted and demeaned in January. He […]

Observing the funeral

There’s now a ton of reports about the royal funeral. Much of it involves repetition of the kind of unduly reverential stuff we have posted on of late. Funerals don’t tend to get much critical attention. While we haven’t looked at every report, one of the most bizarre from the foreign media was an Australian […]

All that money and the Crown Property Bureau

No one who has decided that monarchy matters in Thailand will be happy about the headline recently at the ASEAN Economist: “Clown king nears crisis point.” Taylor McDonald’s piece uses material from Andrew MacGregor Marshall, now described as a “veteran observer of the Thai monarchy,” and apparently drawn from a recent BBC interview. Marshall, who […]

Updated: King’s power

For some time there have been rumors that King Vajiralongkorn was seeking to take full control of the Crown Property Bureau. A Royal Gazette announcement on the weekend and reports in the Thai and international media make that takeover official. Interestingly, the takeover of the CPB by the king was discussed by Andrew MacGregor Marshall […]