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Making a cruel point

The 6 October 1976 massacre was one of the Thai military’s periodic interventions in politics that saw many citizens murdered and arrested. While the numbers killed total in the 40s for official counts, but perhaps 10 times this in reality. This massacre was particularly brutal, with civilians being raped, burned alive, lynched, dismembered and tortured. […]

Remembering 6 October after 40 years

40 years after the massacre at Thammasat University, and Thailand is again under a under the boot of a military dictatorship. The 6 October 1976 attack on students and supporters by rightist and royalist vigilantes was supported and promoted by elements in the police, military and palace. Each year we post on this day, remembering […]

Chinese flunkies or anti-democratic sloths?

Thai authorities have detained and will or have deported Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong. Prachatai reports that Wong was detained “at the request of the Chinese government” in the “early hours on 5 October 2016…”. The report states that Wong “was invited to the faculty of political science, Chulakongkorn university, to give a talk […]

Liberal authoritarianism

An aged former prime minister who served twice but was never elected seems like an unlikely source for advice on democracy. That he served a military junta and then was put in place by the king in an arguably unconstitutional move should add to considerable doubt about his credentials. But this is the Teflon-coated patrician […]

The last Thai king?

A few days ago we linked to a PDF we have had at the site for several years. In the current circumstances, and with its resonances for the current period, we feel it appropriate to make the text of the 1978 document available without having to download a PDF that might get people into trouble […]

The dictatorship stumbling and bumbling

In a recent post, we noted how the military dictatorship seems enamored of its weird version of history. In that perspective, the 1976 October massacre is a victory for monarchists and the May 1992 massacre is seen as some kind of political mistake. As we noted, Marx put it this way: “Hegel remarks somewhere that […]

Silenced memories of 6 October

After we posted on 6 October, remembering the terrible events at Thammasat University, when the military, police and rightist thugs massacred students in the name of protecting the monarchy, a reader sent us a link to a documentary we had not seen. We embed it below: