Khaosod reports that the military junta is going after pro-democracy activists, targeting both veterans and others who are virtually unknown. The junta wants 43 people “prosecuted for attending a recent rally demanding elections be held this year.” It is worth noting that it is reported that it is the junta itself that has picked out […]

We have previously posted on the takeover of university administrations by royalists and ant-democrats. The motivation for this concerted effort at control was to prevent students becoming political activists who challenge royalist and military regimes. The most recent example of this reactionary administration comes from Khon Kaen University, often described as an island of yellow […]

The Bangkok Post has an editorial on lese majeste, calling for the “misuse and abuse” of the law be ended. Essentially, the editorial calls for the law to be rewritten, citing both Sulak Sivaraksa (one of the few to get off) and Nitirat. That’s about as brave as it gets in Thailand these days. Calling […]

A couple of weeks ago, the Administrative Court handed the activists on the “We Walk” march an important victory when it ruled that the walk to Khon Kaen could continue as it was a peaceful march. The court ruled that it should proceed without interference from the authorities. Further, the Court on ruled the police […]

As tensions rise, the military dictatorship appears to be unraveling while also threatening more dangerous responses. One part of the unraveling involves the junta’s cabinet. The Dictator has had to be hosing down unguarded (?) comments by Education Minister Teerakiat Jareonsettasin who criticized Thailand’s politicians and bureaucrats as lacking ethics. In particular, he singled out […]

Usually the military dictatorship just piles up lese majeste cases at a rate of one to two a week since 2014. However, in the case of singer and red-shirt Tom Dundee (Thanat Thanawatcharanon), the regime is piling case up against him. The 60 year old activist is already in jail for more than 10 years […]

In a post when the poaching case of Italian-Thai construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta came to light, PPT commented that we know, from bitter experience, that rich people get away with much in Thailand. We added that the notorious Red Bull case is just one of many that shows that wealth can buy much and that […]