We are late getting to the story of sleeping puppets at the National Legislative Assembly. In truth, photos of snoozing members of parliament in Thailand and elsewhere is not all that remarkable. But the response of one junta-appointed legislator is worthy of attention for its raucous defense of fellow puppets in the face of criticism. […]

So all the “legal” hurdles have been cleared and the junta’s “election” should be able to be planned, repression lifted and so on. Right? Well, the answer is a resounding “No.” The Bangkok Post reports that even the military regime’s “plan” to hold a “dialogue with political parties” – actually an occasion for the junta […]

The Bangkok Post pointed out the paradox. It reports that “Thai Airways International Pcl (THAI) will undertake maintenance and repair of Rolls-Royce Trent engines and expects additional revenue of up to 5 billion baht in 2020 from the business…”. Given that Trent engines have had some problems, a problematic relationship between Thai Airways and Rolls […]

The news that the military junta has defended the lese majeste and computer crimes laws is no news at all. However, a series of letters that Khaosod came upon between Ambassador Sek Wannamethee, Thailand’s permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva and United Nations officials reinforces the junta’s claims – and by some earlier […]

The military junta has proposed a deficit budget bill to its puppet parliament., with 3-trillion-baht spending earmarked for the next fiscal year that begins in October. The sleepy National Legislative Assembly didn’t need to be awake for it was always going to vote for the junta’s budget bill. The Bangkok Post produced this handy table: […]

Chutzpah, egotism, smugness, vanity, audacity, cheek, conceitedness, contemptuousness, disdainfulness, gall, high-handedness, imperiousness, pomposity, self-importance, self-love, superciliousness, overbearance and scornfulness are just some of the words that come up as possible synonyms for arrogance. Whatever it is described as, Singha beer heiress Chitpas Kridakorn aka Boonrawd has it in bulldozer loads. In a Ripley’s style story, […]

Korean journalist Lee Jae-ho has written a poignant account of the plight of those hunted by the junta on lese majeste charges. It is a long story that deserves to be read in full. After the coup, dissidents sought by the military junta and accused of various charges but including especially lese majeste, flooded across […]