One of the defining characteristics of this military regime has been its double standards. While the temporary cessation of the planned coal-fired power station in the south is good news for the environment and represents a victory of sorts for the local villagers and supporting activists, this outcome demonstrates the regime’s embedded double standards. The […]

Thailand’s military rulers reckon that “pro-election” activists are in the pay of others. The regime has good reason for alleging this as the military, and particularly ISOC has spent decades creating and funding the right-wing groups that have been instrumental in bringing down elected governments. In the process quite a few people have been murdered. […]

The issue of junta law versus rule of law has been discussed by academics.Discussing this aspect of “rule of law,” where the junta uses law for propaganda and for political repression, is of critical importance. An academic forum at Thammasat University “heard doubts about the legitimacy and lasting effects of laws enacted by the NCPO and […]

A couple of days ago we posted on the activist “roadmap” on rallies to demand an “election.” In demanding that the junta hold the election it has promised but repeatedly “delayed,” the activists made a call for all political parties to join them. The spineless politicians from all sides rushed to decline the offer. While […]

Nothing surprises when it comes to the military dictatorship. It has jailed hundreds, ignored the law, sent refugees back to jails several times, covered up murder and corruption, ignored human rights and embraced the nastiest of autocrats. BenarNews reports that the junta has “defended its decision to award the chief of Myanmar’s armed forces a […]

Natthika Worathaiwit was one of The Facebook 8 who were arrested by the military dictatorship because of a satirical Facebook community page that poked fun at The Dictator. They were charged with sedition and computer crimes on 28 April 2016. Tow of them, Harit Mahaton and Natthika were charged with lese majeste. Initially all were […]

The junta has a roadmap that we have dubbed the map for the road to nowhere. We say this because the junta’s “roadmap” changes whenever the generals want more time in power. A roadmap that might be more likely to be followed has been announced by pro-election activists. They have set “a clear timetable for […]