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It’s getting darker II

Yesterday we posted on The Dictator’s demands that critics of the junta (and monarchy) be crushed through the use of laws like the computer crimes act. Our view is that the junta is becoming more confident in being more repressive. Certainly, opposition voices in Thailand are very quiet following almost four years of repression. Confirming […]

Abhisit on ethics (yes, really)

Under a headline “Abhisit evangelises on ethics,” the Bangkok Post reports that Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva called on the puppet political reform committee to prioritize “a set of rules governing the ethical behaviour of politicians is needed before the next elections.” Abhisit is said toe be “sharing his opinions with the reform panel on […]

It’s getting darker I

The lights are dimming everywhere and Thailand’s lights have been starved of wattage for the years since the 2014 military coup. The Dictator is in charge of turning the lights off, and he looks like he’s going for candle power. The Bangkok Post reports that the military dictatorship has demanded that the Computer Crimes Act […]

Burning arches lese majeste “guilty” pleas

About a week ago we posted on the sentencing of two men, held in jail until they pleaded guilty, for allegedly torching dead king arches in Khon Kaen province. They were said to be two among eight suspects and a 14-year-old who are accused of being involved in the burning. Prachatai reports that “[f]ive teenagers […]

It is still about Thaksin

Yingluck Shinawatra has completely disappeared from public view. She was targeted by the military junta as one important Shinawatra clan member as the junta has sought to dismantle something it and other anti-democrats identify as the “Thaksin regime.” Of course, they have also gone after other members of the Shinawatra clan and their supporters, attempting […]

Gotcha moments on “elections”

Talk of “elections” continues. One report has a deputy premier – the hopelessly military entangled “legal expert” Wissanu Krea-ngam saying local elections would be “held within 45 days of bills to amend six laws relating to regional governing bodies being enacted…”. That’s meaningless, and anyway, it will be The Dictator who decides. And if it […]

Military orders, bizarre futures

Anyone who has watched American movies will be familiar with the “high and tight,” which is a military version of the crew cut and short back and sides. As Wikipedia explains, it “is a very short hairstyle most commonly worn by men in the armed forces of the United States. It is also popular with […]