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Evil and threatening

The anti-coal protest has been seen off by the junta. In the end, it became a kind of political bonding exercise. Double standards proliferated throughout. The other confrontation has been the 4,000 police and soldiers raiding Wat Dhammakaya. PPT has posted a bit on this case previously and why it has been so central for […]

Secrets, constitution and election

Not that long ago, PPT posted on the secret amendments to the draft constitution. Despite the sham “referendum” on the “constitution,” the king demanded changes that, according to The Dictator’s account, give the king more power and flexibility. Those amendments were crafted, in secret, by a puppet committee. Then the military junta declared that these […]

With 3 updates: Arresting protesters

Several reports say that the military junta has moved against anti-coal-fired power station protest leaders. Khaosod reports that the junta’s thugs arrested “three activists who led an overnight protest in front of the Government House against the regime’s plan to build a coal power plant in the south.” At least “100 protesters from Krabi province […]

Odd reports

News reports from Thailand can reflect on all kinds of things related to politics, lifestyles, entertainment, crime and more. Sometimes, though, there are reports that are rather difficult to comprehend. Here we list two that we saw over the past week. We felt we needed more information to make these curiosities comprehensible. The air force […]

Money for nothing II

In a post a little while ago, PPT had the story of puppet legislators missing in inaction at the National Legislative Assembly. We mentioned Prachatai’s report of an iLaw study of the apparently unconstitutionality of some members of the military junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly. We used the word “apparently” because the details of “leaves” […]

Palace problems

A few days ago, the Bangkok Post reported that the police were investigating “encroachment of forest land in Thap Lan National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima allegedly committed by former deputy national police chief Jumpol Manmai and two other suspects.” The details are in the report. But, the report did not say much about Jumpol. As […]

Still getting the monarchy wrong

Ralph Jennings, a Contributor at Forbes, says he “cover[s] under-reported stories from Taiwan and Asia” but seems to specialize on China and Taiwan. Thus, venturing into things royal and Thailand is thus a stretch and a test of knowledge. He’s right to observe that the monarchy in Thailand has “massive influence.” But the picture he […]