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Madam Secretary criticism affirms Thailand’s feudalism

A couple of days ago we posted on the episode of Madam Secretary that includes commentary on Thailand’s monarchy and the feudal lese majeste law. Most controversial is the part of the episode that includes a call for the monarchy to be brought down. The episode is available here. The episode opens with comments on […]

Puppet Election Commission criticized

In a follow-up to our most recent post on election rigging,, the Bangkok Post reports that the Open Forum for Democracy Foundation (P-NET) “is calling on the Election Commission (EC) to exercise independence in redrawing the election constituencies, saying it is a first step towards a free and fair election.” P-NET is “urging the poll agency […]

Setting the rigging

The Bangkok Post has yet another politically timid story on the military junta’s elections. Indeed, the Post seems to move ever closer to the military tyrants. In this story, it mentions that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha “has signed an order granting the Election Commission (EC) the authority to do what is necessary to resolve disputes so […]

State enterprises milked

Bloomberg has a useful report on what looks like the military junta’s use of “state-run enterprises to support economic expansion by speeding up investment, as risks loom from fizzling exports and tourism.” This use will support the junta’s “election” efforts. The junta is pressuring these state enterprises to spend big by the end of the […]

Unmaking the king’s image

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Madam Secretary has commentary on Thailand’s monarchy in series 5, episode 5. It has already been widely circulated. The commentary will be controversial because it repeats well known information which shows the monarchy as feudal. Most controversial is the part of the show is the call for the […]

Making the king’s image

The Bike for Mom and Bike for Dad events were junta-supported image-making efforts for King Vajiralongkorn. Both were associated with quite negative outcomes, including an alleged assassination plot and two deaths in custody. Yet the palace propagandists and the king seem to think that the image-making trumped those nasty outcomes. So it is that Khaosod […]

Expunging Pridi and 1932

Readers may be interested in a new article at Southeast Asia Globe. “How Thailand’s ‘Father of Democracy’ is being erased from history” by Paul Millar. The article, including quotes and comments from Ji Unpakorn  and academic Kevin Hewison, discusses the ongoing activities under the military junta and King Vajiralongkorn to roll back 1932 and to […]