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Hippo manure

The Bangkok Post has a fluff story on all of the animals that have been removed from the Dusit zoo and how “happy” one hippo is. Perhaps the editor felt that people needed to know that 897 animals had been removed and resettled. Not a single one has died, been tortured, garroted and disemboweled or […]

Where are they? II

Regime and monarchy critics Chucheep Chivasut (known as Uncle Sanam Luang), Siam Theerawut, and Kritsana Tupthai have been forcibly disappeared, may have been detained incommunicado or may have been killed. No one seems to know. The junta has to come clean on their disappearance, whether that’s saying exactly where they are or bringing them before […]

Thanathorn punished by the junta’s EC

For the junta’s puppet Election Commission, the 2019 election is far from over. For the next few months it is likely to seek to further slant the result in favor of the junta’s party and its allies. It will do this by disqualifying and banning MPs and perhaps will even seek to dissolve another party. […]

The monarchy, military two-step

Since the Cold War era, the relationship between the military and monarchy has been close, with predominance see-sawing between the two pillars of Thai authoritarianism. Several times, the military has murdered and massacred in the name of the monarchy. The monarch appreciated their work. The monarchy has long danced with dictators. The current military dictatorship […]

Another Federation link

The three missing activists, probably deported from Vietnam to Thailand on 8 May 2019, have been associated with the Organization for a Thai Federation. Readers may recall that back in about September 2018, several persons were arrested in Thailand for distributing black t-shits, claimed to be connected with the Organization, then said to be operating […]

Framing Thanathorn

They wrote their own constitution and ran a rigged referendum. They rigged the election (but did rather poorly). They corrupted all of the “independent” agencies. They stacked a Senate that now drips nepotism and corruption. They have used “law” more than any previous regime to cement their own position. Now, the military junta, acting as […]