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A couple of corrections

On a Sunday, as we read a few stories that continue to keep us glum about Thailand’s prospects for some political progress, as opposed to regression, we came across a couple of stories that appear to us to requires a little corrective attention. The first is at Prachatai. Kornkritch Somjittranukit has a story on red […]

Good lads and bad lads

Remember those nice lads from the south who came to Bangkok and organized protests against the military junta’s coal-fired power station plans? Yes, the lads who have a leader who is a royal and who called for a counter-coup if they didn’t get their way? Those lads seem to be good lads because they had […]

Court infringes the rights of many

Prachatai reports that the Khon Kaen provincial court has made some negative comments when again refusing bail for Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa as he faces a false lese majeste charge. The court had refused a request from Jatuphat’s lawyer requesting the court postpone the preliminary hearing for about a week. The lawyer said “that he did not […]

The Ko Tee trifecta

In one of our earlier posts on the military junta’s marvelous story about a mammoth plot to accumulate war weapons, assassinate The Dictator using a sniper rifle and cause a rebellion based on Wat Dhammakaya, we had three predictions. First, that Ko Tee or Wuthipong Kachathamakul was claimed to be involved in the “plot” as […]

Stupidity, crime and impunity

Wasant Techawongtham is former News Editor at the Bangkok Post. He has an interesting op-ed in that newspaper on the extrajudicial killing of Chaiyapoom Pasae. He states that the young lad: … must have been really stupid. He was a local Lahu boy. He knew where the military had set up their semi-permanent checkpoint. He […]

No hope for electoral democracy

The Deutsche Welle headline actually says “Little hope.” We think “no hope” is far more accurate for Thailand under the military dictatorship: Despite the promised return to democracy, the military government in Thailand has shown little inclination to hold elections anytime soon. Fears abound about the country sliding increasingly into authoritarianism. We think Thailand is […]

BBC on a triple transition

Jonathan Head’s recent report on Wat Dhammakaya is worth reading. We won’t go through it all and will just post some clips from it. It skillfully weaves a story that ends with this: Thailand is in the midst of a complex and potentially dangerous, triple transition; a delicate royal succession, a battle over the future […]