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Facebook and lese majeste

As we predicted, it seems that the military dictatorship has been able to convince Facebook to block the remaining 131 sites/URLs/posts that the junta deemed as containing lese majeste content. We say “seems” because the reporting in The Nation is poorly written. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society claims it “has managed to have […]

King, fear and feudalism

A couple of recent articles that seek to comprehend the admittedly odd politics of contemporary Thailand deserve wide attention. We summarize and quote below. The first is by Pavin Chachavalpongpun at the Washington Post. Pavin looks at the oddness that has emerged in the early months of this reign, with the military junta frantic to […]

Further updated: Junta in disarray

If the information in a Bangkok Post story is to be believed, Thailand’s military dictatorship is in disarray. It may also be that its factions are coming apart. We certainly hope so, but acknowledge that the junta’s survival instincts have kept it together for three years. The first signal of disarray is that the usually […]

Lawless concoctions and political repression

The military dictatorship is able to arrest anyone it like. It has been active. It has rounded up hundreds and sometimes released them without charge and other times has had them jailed. Some of the “threats to national security” are jailed and lost from the media almost without trace. Like lese majeste cases, sometimes the […]

The dictatorship’s history

A reader drew our attention to an iLaw post that sets out the history of three years of military dictatorship in Thailand. It deserves to be read in full, even if it could be further extended. We quote a couple of bits: During the three years under the iron-fisted rule of the NCPO military regime, […]

Mad monarchists under pressure

The frenzy of efforts to “manage” the internet and cleanse it of allegedly anti-monarchy information has become so manic that Pol Lt Gen Thitirat Nongharnpitak, the chief of the Central Investigation Bureau, has threatened every user of social media in the country. Some estimates place the number of Thais now under lese majeste threat and […]

Updated: Bangkok bomb

Like everyone else, PPT has read news of the bombing in Bangkok, wondering about cause and motivations. We have nothing to add to the rather scanty reports. Yet, we note two things about the reporting. First, the police and military have not sprung to an immediate conclusion. Usually, the authorities are prone to quickly declare […]