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Buddha Issara arrested II

We continue to be mystified regarding the motives for the arrest of Buddha Issara, now defrocked and held in jail, now known as Suwit Thongprasert. We are not sure how his arrest relates to that of other senior monks, although such reorganizations or “cleaning” of the senior monkhood have previously occurred with a royal succession […]

Buddha Issara arrested I

Like others, we are somewhat mystified by the arrest of fascist monk Buddha Issara. The English report we have seen states: At Wat Onoi in Kamphaeng Saen district, police arrested activist abbot Phra Buddha Isara, who gained front-page notoriety for his support of the Bangkok Shutdown movement in 2013-14. He was held on a charge […]

Updated: Held, supported and undefeated

As we write this post, those anti-junta activists arrested at and near Thammasat University are thought due for release after being held longer than expected. The police say they intend to hold them longer. The courts are due to decide. Meanwhile, as The Nation reports, there has been an outpouring of support for the detainees. […]

APHR calls for immediate release of activists

The following is reproduced in full: Lawmakers from across Southeast Asia today condemned the arrest of at least 15 activists following peaceful pro-democracy protests in Thailand, calling for their immediate release and for all charges to be dropped. ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) stressed the Thai military government’s responsibility to uphold civil and political […]

Updated: The Dictator declares victory

There have been many reports on the rally by hundreds of anti-coup activists that ended yesterday, blocked by hundreds of police. The report at The Nation interested PPT as it seemed The Dictator declared victory over the protesters. While the leaders of the rally could not reach their objective of marching to Government House and […]

World’s richest royal families

The recent wedding in England of a British royal with an American entertainment industry woman caused some sober newspapers to consider aspects of monarchy, constitutional monarchy and royal wealth. Business Report published a list of the five richest royal families, which is somewhat different from the usual Forbes list. Its list had Thailand’s royal family […]

Selectivity in the judicial system

“Selectivity in the judicial system” is another way of expressing the notion of double standards. Several recent stories in the Bangkok Post highlight the junta’s continued emphasis on legal mechanisms to selectively repress its political opponents. The first Bangkok Post story is about a civil court having “temporarily disposed of a civil case against Suthep […]