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The Dictator as suffering politician

The Bangkok Post has another story about The Dictator’s campaign for the post-“election” premiership. Despite having been in full campaign mode for months, self-appointed Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has not yet declared that he is running with his junta’s devil party, Palang Pracharath Party. This is a pathetic ruse by The Dictator that allows him […]

“I denied all the charges”

Apologies for neglecting this story from10 December, Constitution Day, where Khaosod reports on the arrest of Phayao Akkahad, the long-suffering mother of volunteer nurse Kamolkade Akkahad, who was “killed by military snipers inside … [the Pathum Wanaram] temple during street protests eight years ago…”. Phayao was charged with violating the junta’s decree that bans public […]

Impossible to believe

Prime ministerial candidate – the only one to have been on the campaign trail for more than four years – is also the person directing the Election Commission. Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has set the rules and has rigged the election. Yes, we acknowledge that the EC denies this. However, no one believes the agency that […]

Thirayudh among the chickens

In his annual musing about Thailand’s politics, usually delivered in a seasonal scruffy cardigan, one-time student activist, former communist, former critic of the monarchy, anti-democrat and “academic” Thirayudh Boonmee has delivered another of those waffling pronouncements that can be interpreted in several ways. When he “likened Thai people to chickens in farms where they were […]

Did something happen before the bike event?

Recently we posted a comment about Andrew MacGregor Marshal’s Facebook page, where he’d spent considerable effort linking to social media posts complaining about delays, road closures, river closures and more associated with the king’s recent cycle around Bangkok. He also wrote that the king showed up several hours late. We said we hadn’t seen that […]

Dissembling for Bahrain

Late yesterday the Bangkok Post reported that the Criminal Court “approved the detention of a Bahraini footballer with refugee status in Australia for another 60 days, as Bahrain seeks his extradition.” The Criminal Court allowed the Immigration police “a further 60 days to allow procedures for his extradition.” The report adds that “[l]ast Friday, the […]

The junta’s processing terminal II

Just a couple of days ago, PPT posted about the Election Commission being flustered by criticism about reports that The Dictator was directing the EC on how ballot papers should be constructed. Several of its officials denied that The Dictator made any proposal, despite consistent reporting from sources who heard him speak in a meeting […]