Thanathorn punished by the junta’s EC

For the junta’s puppet Election Commission, the 2019 election is far from over. For the next few months it is likely to seek to further slant the result in favor of the junta’s party and its allies. It will do this by disqualifying and banning MPs and perhaps will even seek to dissolve another party.

In its most high-profile effort , as most readers will already know, the EC has sent its case against Future Forward leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit to the Constitutional Court.

According to its statement, the EC says it has found “sufficient evidence that Thanathorn … violated election regulations by holding stakes in a media firm after registering as an MP candidate.”

It remains unclear which evidence the EC has seen and used. Thanathorn has vehemently denied the allegations. It is clear that the EC is acting for the junta in seeking to punish Thanathorn and his party for doing well in the election that the junta felt it deserved to “win.”

It is also evident that that junta’s supporters are also convinced that Future Forward is “infected” by ideas that threaten them and the monarchy. For that, like the pro-Thaksin parties, Future Forward and Thanathorn must be punished. The EC and the Constitutional Court are assigned the task of punishing.

If the Constitutional Court finds him guilty, “Thanathorn would face disqualification from parliament as well as up to 10 years in prison. He would also be barred from entering politics for a maximum of 20 years.”

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