How’s that February election coming along?

We have to admit that when we read the stories about the National Legislative Assembly getting twitchy about the (old) Election Commissioners being involved in the selection of well-paid election inspectors, we were suspicious.

When The Dictator supported the NLA move, we were convinced that these were just more junta shenanigans to delay the “election” it might hold sometime in the future. We guess Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered the move.

Most in the media are still saying February for the junta’s election. PPT has been betting on May, perhaps, maybe.

While the report says “some NLA members are concerned that the poll inspectors have political connections and their independence and impartiality may be compromised,” the story seems to be that this is not just a possible delaying tactic but another way for the junta to get its people in positions to influence any election outcome.

Just think, if it comes to outright cheating, the poll monitors better be your people.

As the report states, “poll inspectors are tasked with investigating poll complaints and forwarding them to the EC for consideration which can result in suspension of elections and change an election outcome in any given constituency.”

Another clue for yet another election delay is the brakes being put on Suthep Thaugsuban.

Via army chief Chalermchai Sitthisart, the junta has warned Suthep to holf fire on his campaigning. Suthep was ready to start campaigning in the provinces, but the junta is still campaigning itself.

Gen Chalermchai “said the regime was in the middle of discussing whether the political activities ban can be relaxed by next month.”

Don’t put your hard-earned baht on that. As we have said many times before, we don’t think the junta will go to any poll it won’t win. At the moment, they still don’t think they can win. That is, delays will continue.

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