All hail the emperor

Thailand has a king. It also has a military dictator. Apparently, though, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha feels his status has risen remarkably. He behaves like and emperor.

As reported by both Khaosod and the Bangkok Post, The Dictator-cum-Emperor has demanded rules for his representation by the media. We are indebted to the Post for its excellent graphic, reproduced below.

The regime reckons The Dictator didn’t come up with these “excessive” rules, but clearly the Special Branch Police believe The Dictator must be treated like an Emperor. The junta’s mouthpiece also reckons that the media is being pushed to meet “international standards” when dealing with the Emperor.

More blarney than fact in this, for The Emperor is clearly engaged in developing the rules.

Let’s hope he keeps his togs on.

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