Poaching anti-democrats

In another report hat we missed a couple of days ago, Khaosod reports that it isn’t just Puea Thai and the red shorts being stalked and poached by the military and its parties.

Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has admitted that even his party is seeing the green-clad hunters and their men in suits stalking “some of his former MPs…”. He states that they “are being lured to a new party by promises of money, prestige and legal assistance with  criminal charges they face.”

Abhisit observed that “the promise of prosecutorial relief as an incentive to entice some former MPs would be a troubling brand of politics.”

Abhisit is particularly miffed because he reckons this kind of MP-fishing is a throwback to an earlier period and he has repeatedly stated that red shirts and his opponents should face the courts and he fears they are being offered the same deal as Democrat Party members facing charges from their anti-democrat campaigns in 2013 and 2014. The charges include “treason and terrorism for participating in the street protests which led to the ouster of the elected government and 2014 coup.”

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