NACC confirms foot-dragging on Prawit

In the past couple of weeks PPT has asked several times about the National Anti-Corruption Commission painfully slow “investigation” into the luxury watches and jewelry case involving Gen Prawit Wongsuwan.

It appears that the NACC has been deliberately slow in “investigating” the junta’s No. 2 about his claims that he “borrowed” a couple of dozen hugely expensive watches from a man now deceased. If the NACC is not being deliberately slow, then it is a worthless agency (except for the junta).

After months of “investigating,” the case remains at the stage of “gathering evidence.”

The NACC now says “it is still seeking crucial information from companies abroad that sold the luxury watches worn by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon before it can conclude its investigation…”.

This confirms official foot-dragging. The public was told several times that the NACC was seeking information about the watches from local dealers. Now, having failed on that – if the agency actually did it – the NACC chairman Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit says his Dick Tracys are seeking information from international dealers.

Why they haven’t already done this is not explained but confirms that the NACC is not really keen to investigate Watcharapol’s former boss and colleague.

Despite earlier claims that local dealers refused to cooperate with the NACC, the story is now that “local dealers told the NACC that they didn’t have any information to provide as those particular watch models weren’t sold in Thailand.”

There’s a day’s investigation. What has the NACC been doing for the other 180++ days? Keeping its head down and covering up?

What this seems to mean is more foot-dragging. Watcharapol “explains”: “We have to admit that this will take time but the requested information is crucial to the investigation…”. He said he had no idea if the watch companies would provide any information.

Can we assume that the NACC has actually asked and if it did, asked the right people? Nah.

Where’s the tax invoices and data for imported watches?

The NACC is a disgraceful puppet agency.

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