Liars and scoundrels II

As well as lying to the public, military dictators can lie to themselves.

The Dictator and self-appointed Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has made a series of statements to actors and singers who called on him at Government House that are lies to himself, to the visitors and to the public.

First, he “denied he was trying to retain power…”. That lie can’t hold up. Even The Dictator could “not reject speculation over his perceived political ambition to return as government head after the next general election…”. Everyone in the country knows that any claim he is trying to retain power is a lie. He’s been campaigning. His adjutants say they intend for Prayuth to stay on, the military knows its job is to ensure The Dictator stays on, and political parties have been formed to ensure Gen Prayuth continues in the top job (-1) following the junta’s election, whenever it decides to hold them. His minions have been hoovering up candidates for the junta’s party. The Election Commission looks the other way so that the junta’s supporters can bend and break electoral rules.

Clipped from the Bangkok Post

Second, when he says “I have never benefited from being prime minister. I am not a business owner, so I have no need to seek benefits. I am satisfied with what I already have…”, he’s obfuscating. Even he went on to claim that “he was being investigated in 400 cases.” That number seems one just plucked out of the air, but we know that no case against those in power is properly investigated. No one has ever investigated why so many military and police officers are so absurdly rich. The whiff of military corruption is involved in every deal that it does.

Third, The Dictator “boasted about the performance of his government…”. He rhetorically asked: “Of all the post-coup administrations in the past, did they work like mine? My government keeps developing. Foreign countries praise us. No other developing countries have been able to achieve what we have done. This is what I want, for you to share this pride with me…”. He claimed “that his had been the most hard-working post-coup government in Thai history, and one that had achieved a lot for the country.”

Lying to oneself in front of others is pathological.

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