Don’t criticize The Dictator (for 20 years)

Khaosod reports that the junta’s puppet National Legislative Assembly “will decide Thursday whether future civilian leaders should face criminal prosecution for not following plans left in place by the military government for the next 20 years.”

Some of the NLA marionettes believe “there is a need to make sure future governments stick to the yet to be finalized National Strategic Plan – while allowing some room for some flexibility.”

They want to establish “[c]riminal liability for future cabinet members not following the plans – which would be construed as dereliction of duty…”. That would mean removal from office.

In other words, the NLA is abetting the junta in establishing grounds and process for controlling future elected governments and for removing them without having to bother with a military coup.

This is a kind of back stop should the unthinkable (for the junta) happen and The Dictator not become premier following an “election.”

According to a draft of the bill, it would be “the junta-appointed National Strategic Plan Committee and the junta-appointed senate [that] could petition the Constitutional Court to remove politicians and agency heads if they do not implement the plan.”

The six so-called national strategies are: “national security; fostering national competitiveness; human resources development; social equity and reduction of disparity; the environment and state administration development.”

In essence, any non-junta approved elected government will be straitjacketed into a position resembling the puppet NLA.

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