Bribes? What bribes?

The Bangkok Post pointed out the paradox. It reports that “Thai Airways International Pcl (THAI) will undertake maintenance and repair of Rolls-Royce Trent engines and expects additional revenue of up to 5 billion baht in 2020 from the business…”.

Given that Trent engines have had some problems, a problematic relationship between Thai Airways and Rolls Royce seems sadly appropriate.

What’s that relationship? As the Post explained:

The press release announcing the new tie-up made no mention of the scandal revealed two years ago showing that Thai government officials [and others, allegedly including Thai Airways executives] had received Rolls Royce bribes to buy the firm’s engines.

Thai Airways and Rolls Royce executives are reported to have ignored the connection and relationship.

In fact, they have done far more than this. Recall that the Bangkok Post previously reported that “Rolls-Royce has refused to supply information about its bribery admission involving Thai Airways International (THAI) with the national flag carrier’s probe panel.” That sounds like collusion.

For details of investigations elsewhere, visit here and here. In Thailand, of course, the junta “has taken no action and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has been silent…”.

It is business as usual.

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