Further updated: When will the junta allow its election?

About a year ago, PPT asked “How’s that ‘election’ shaping up?” Of course, that wasn’t the first time the question had been asked after The Dictator first talked of elections back in 2014, after the coup.

A year ago, we cited Deputy Dictator Gen Prawit Wongsuwan who “reiterated that the military never wanted to get involved in politics, and that they would end their roles once the national election had taken place.”

We might conclude that things have changed, except that they really haven’t. Back then, Prawit was lying.

Today, the date of the junta’s “election” is closer to being set. Legally, after the Constitutional Court ruled that the last of the organic laws was constitutional, the steps are almost clear. The junta could always decide on a non-legal-made-legal-by-decree decision to delay further.

So when should that rigged election take place? According to a story in the Bangkok Post, there may now be a week or so for the Court to officially inform the puppet National Legislative Assembly of its decision. The NLA then sends the bill to Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha as premier for him to send onto the king for assent. That process seems to be at least 90 days, although the days required in transit are not clear to us. After it is signed into law, there’s 90 days for it to become law. Then there’s a maximum of 150 days to the “election.”

If our math is correct, that’s 330 days+ if the full time is taken up, so we may predict an election by about late April 2019.

Update 1: Read about junta Deputy Dictator not confirming a February “election” at the Bangkok Post.

Update 2: Legal flunky for the military dictatorship, Wissanu Krea-ngam, has agreed that the next “election” will probably be scheduled for 11 months from now. As we said, late April 2019. That will almost be 5 years of unelected military rule caused by the 2014 illegal coup makers who stol;e the state and gave themselves top positions. He says it may be sooner than that. He says it will not be later. He’s lying. He has no idea what his bosses might do. All the blarney about a road map is a pile of buffalo manure.

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