Prawit digs in

General Prawit Wongsuwan, the Deputy Dictator, isn’t going anywhere.

Confirming himself as the target for increasing anti-junta action, Prawit has let it be known that millions of baht’s worth of luxury watches is no reason for one of the “great” and the “good” to consider public opinion.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Lt Gen Khongcheep Tantrawanit said Prawit “does not plan to resign and is determined to continue working in the interests of national security and public safety…”.

When it is added that “Gen Prawit was healthy and of good morale, and he would continue to devote himself to his role…” we assume this means that the junta and the military are prepared to stand (and fall) with their elder brother. Yet when the spokesgeneral has to confirm that “the armed forces remained united,” we have to wonder.

The junta is making it clear that the only way to move it is to oppose it and push it out.

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