How’s that “election” shaping up?

General Prayuth Chan-ocha seems to think he knows the mind of King Vajiralongkorn. We say this because The Nation reports that The Dictator has again postponed discussion of an “election” by reference to the king.

Prayuth declared that the timing for the next general “election” was for him to contemplate. He said the timing needed to be “appropriate.” That could mean a time when he thinks the military junta can be assured of its outcome. But he went on to state that the “election” would “definitely be after the ceremony for King Rama IX’s cremation and King Rama X’s ceremonial accession to the throne.”

We know when the dead king will be ceremoniously sent off, at huge expense, but we no nothing about coronation or why this ceremonial event should have an impact on any “election.”

Prayuth declared: “So, next year, let’s talk about it, but you should in the meantime prepare for it. Everything is on the roadmap… When the time comes, how can I stop it?”

That’s as clear as mud.

In case anyone was thinking that the military is trying to control politics into the future (of course it is), Deputy Dictator General Prawit Wongsuwan “reiterated that the military never wanted to get involved in politics, and that they would end their roles once the national election had taken place.”

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Not only is this the big lie that the military has continuously perpetrated for 85 years, and while it enriches itself and its generals, but we doubt anyone in Thailand believes such lies.

We can’t even understand why Prawit says it. It just makes him look silly and idiotic. We guess that the yes-men around him nod politely when he babbles like this, so, detached from reality, he re-babbles it in public.

He did add that “he could not give any assurance that a coup would not take place again, as nobody knew what would happen in the future.”

We do know that the politicized military covets power, covets the use of taxpayer money for its equipment purchases and for the wonderful commissions it provides. Future military leaders are as just as corrupt and grasping as this generation.

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