How’s that “reform” coming along?

Readers know our answer to tht question. Yet we think that others are getting the message that the military dictatorship has done little that might be called “reform.” Rather, it has been as one might expect: royalist, reactionary and repressive.

An increasingly widespread view is that the regime is a failure. In fact, it has been far worse than this: it has damaged Thailand.

A recent op-ed at the Bangkok Post raises some useful but bleak questions:

Will there be an election? Will Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha return to the top seat under an outsider quota?

… Thailand’s post-coup politics, the future looks bleak with nothing for ordinary people to look forward to. The “reform” that many people had called for and which the military junta promised it would implement before the country proceeds to the next election looks like being mere political rhetoric….

It’s a pity that at a time when government policies, laws and law enforcement are having a direct effect on people’s well-being and therefore in dire need of improvement, the country’s politics, the main vehicle for these crucial issues to be upgraded, looks likely to remain a game of power for a small group of people in the circle.

… the military regime’s “new politics” will be nothing but a rewinding of the political past. It’s highly possible that with or without the military camouflaged as a political party, militarism will take up even deeper roots after the next poll.

It is indeed a bleak future.

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