On the side of the tycoons

The tycoons who have backed the anti-democrats, the coup and the military junta always get repaid.

The Nation reports that some have criticized the military dictatorship for going “too far with measures that benefit big corporations…”.

They make this criticism because the lawless military junta used Article 44 “o allow corporations with activities on ALRO land to resume their operations.” In doing so, the junta “overturned the Supreme Administrative Court’s verdict, which had found that the use of ALRO land for activities such as mining and petroleum drilling rather than farming was against the law.”

Somchai Preechasilpakul, a law lecturer at Chiang Mai University, “said the NCPO order was intended to benefit specific groups of people but did not provide any profits for landless farmers.” He added that this use of Article 44 confirmed “that the government [he means junta] does not really care about the land issue for the poor farmers and gave more attention to securing the benefit of the energy conglomerates…”.

Somchai is right. He’s also correct to observe that the junta “did not care about the existing law and order…”. It is, as we have said before, lawless.

It uses “special” powers to reward its special friends.


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