Release Pai XV

Prachatai reports that Jatuphat Boonpattaraksa’s 10th application for bail on a trumped-up lese majeste charge has been rejected by a vindictive royalist court in Khon Kaen.

The Khon Kaen Provincial Court “confirmed an earlier ruling of the Appeal Court, reasoning that the activist mocked the authority of the state without fearing the law sufficiently.”

That’s why the court is vindictive. It is punishing Pai in a manner that is essentially lawless.

As a unit in the military junta’s injustice system, the Khon Kaen court “dismissed arguments from Jatuphat’s family that as a law graduate he is required to sit a training course taught by the Lawyers’ Council …, and that if released he could prepare for his defence more effectively.”

On the latter, this court, like all others working on lese majeste convictions, obviously has no interest in defendants preparing a defense; they are only interested in guilty pleas and convictions.

Jatuphat is being punished for having “mocked the authority of the state without fearing the law sufficiently,” as well as lese majeste against King Vajiralongkorn by reposting a BBC Thai story on the king’s accession to the throne. Vajiralongkorn prefers demeaning and jailing those he views as opponents.

The case is due back in court on 3 August.


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