“Everyone [except the junta] must adhere to the law”

We apologize to readers for continuing with this theme, but the military dictatorship is continuing to make decisions that are extra-legal while demanding that “others” abide by the law.

“Others” seems to mean all those the junta deems not on their side. If you are with the junta, it seems you are able to do all manner if lawless things. If you are the junta, there is no law that can hold you to account.

If you are with them, you can murder kids and get away with it. These men are simply contemptible.

The latest example of saying one thing and doing something quite different is the junta’s decision to approve a plan – that’s a euphemism – “to build a 4.6-billion-baht observation tower in Bangkok without a call for bids.”

No bids. No transparency. The Treasury Department can “bypass bidding for the project due to concern about a possible delay and lack of interest from construction firms.”

Other reports put the cost as high as 7 billion baht for a 459-metre-high tower for a government plot on the Chao Phraya River in Soi Charoen Nakhon 7 in Khlong San district. That’s an exceptionally valuable piece of land that is being used to gain a stake in a project that no one else seems interested in.

As the report states, any “project more than 1 billion baht with the use of state land plots normally has to be carried out as a public-private partnership with calls for bids to ensure transparency.”

Not when a military dictatorship is at work.

The junta will allow for the selection of a company without any consideration of capacity and experience.

But hold on, it is all okay for the corrupt men of the junta. Because the junta says that the tower will be a “showcase [of] royal projects of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej among others to be on display.”

Phew! If it is about the dead king, no questions can be raised. That solves all issues as complaints could be considered lese majeste. Lock up critics.

Something called the Bangkok Observation Tower Foundation, “a private-sector organisation,” is going to run the show. It has a “a seed fund of 500,000 baht.” Yep, half a million. It will “borrow 2.5 billion baht for the project and donations are projected at 2.1 billion baht.” Get the dead king’s name on it and expect “donations.”

Who is the foundation? No one knows, but we reckon there will be a few generals.

The junta seems very focused on locking in its funds for the future – we mean their funds, in their bank accounts.


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