The authoritarian future I

The National Legislative Assembly is a puppet assembly established by the military junta to do its work. The members are a bunch of junta lackeys, mostly from the armed forces, putting money in their bank accounts. Their voting behavior is that of Japanese cats.

This voting pattern was seen when the junta’s planning for military domination into the future was as enacted as a National Strategy Commission with the national strategy bill.

No prizes for guessing the voting: 281-0.

The Commission will have the prime minister at its head, with three vice-chairmen being the Senate and House speakers and a deputy prime minister or minister assigned by the premier.

Our guess is that its likely that at least the premier and Senate speaker will be military, depending on how the junta manages its “election.”

The members of the Commission will be the defense permanent secretary; chiefs of the Supreme Command, army, navy, air force and police; secretary-general of the National Security Council; chairmen of the National Economic and Social Development Board, National Farmers Federation, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Thai Industries, Tourism Council of Thailand and Thai Bankers’ Association. Another 17 supporters members can appointed by the government of the day.

That’s 5 or 6 from the military and the rest will be anti-democrats who have long supported military dictatorship.

The Commission is able to demand particular legislation related to “national reform” and maintaining the junta’s agenda into the future.

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